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I’ve never been so certain that Nick Madrigal is going to be a star.


I interpreted La Russa’s comment about Kopech a little differently. I don’t get the sense he was “available” if he could help the Sox win. Sounded more like he was available in a winning situation if absolutely needed, with the idea he is almost held back as a starter


I’ve tried to interpret this move (Crochet instead of Kopech) and TLR’s comments as charitably as I can, but I just can’t see it.

What is a winning situation? What is absolutely needed? I’m not sure I could think of a situation that calls for Kopech more: 5th inning, runners on, heart of the order. The critical moment of the critical game of the series, I’d say. If Kopech comes in and gets the job done, that game unfolds much differently. Maybe the Sox lose anyway, but it puts them in a much better spot to win. It’s a close game in Houston that you’re winning: go out and get it done then let the Rodón game, which may never even come, worry about itself. I know it’s easy to 2nd guess from my couch, but (as my wife can attest) I was yelling this at the TV when I saw that it was Crochet.

And I get wanting to save Kopech to pair with Rodón, but what are they expecting from Kopech? 4-5 innings? Pitching yesterday doesn’t prohibit him from going 2-3 tomorrow—or at least it shouldn’t, especially if Crochet can pitch on back-to-back days.


I’m totally with this, and would take it further. I’d like to have seen Hendriks (best reliever in baseball) in the 5th in a clearly important situation; strikeouts were needed, who better than Hendriks? I think Crochet has a good future, but he has 60 MLB innings under his belt, and he’s been prone to wlalk people this year. Sure enough walked the lefty and now he has to pitch to tough RHs.
So, Hendrikis never pitches when it’s important, neither the 5th or 7th. Then he shows up in a meaningless 8th. If Sox play poorly Sunday, then they might as well have left Hendriks off the playoff roster.


I like Kopech but am surprised so much seems to be on his shoulders. If he can throw one inning then the leaky bullpen still has to cover the rest. He might have been most valuable going 3 with Hendricks for 2. But then Kopech probably wouldn’t be available for much soon after. And we don’t know how all that would have worked out against a good offense. The Sox need to do more scoring

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I would take 3 of Kopech and 2 of Hendriks, if it meant the Sox win (or had a realistic chance) at it. Worst that could happen is Kopech is unavailable on Sunday tied 1-1.


Sure, if they win, I will take 9 of Lopez. But there are not guarantees. It was a judgement call