Site update: Host change underway (updated)

Update (11:40 a.m. CT, Aug. 4): I believe I’ve worked out the major, persistent bugs:

  • SSL certificate: The https:// domain should now be completely propagated and not throwing errors/stopping some functionality.
  • Patreon connection: Logging in through Patreon should behave normally now.
  • Commenting display: The CSS file didn’t survive the migration, so I had to manually create the directory where it was located. This should now be fixed and not subject to caching.

If things still look odd on a random page, do a hard-refresh on your cache (CTRL-F5). Another way to test whether it’s your local caching is to add a question mark and anything after the URL. For instance:

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Previously (Aug. 3, 1:46 a.m.): Thanks to the draft and an active trade deadline, Sox Machine set a record for traffic in July, so maybe my host wanted to knock me down a peg in August. But if you believe the official story, a datacenter went down and took the whole provider’s US network down with it.

The first story is probably less troubling, but either way, Sox Machine is on a new host now. I was planning on upgrading since the site seemed to be groaning under the weight of the traffic, and that didn’t bode well if the Sox made a deep October run. It just forced an outage of half a day, and and an entire’s day work researching, migrating, and then working out the kinks, when I’d like to be saving at least some of it for writing.

Anyway, it looks like the site is up and running now, with only a few issues to work out with regards to images. Once that’s resolved, I’ll post an update, after which you can inform me of what else isn’t looking right. Thanks.

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I’m predigital enough that my first response was oh god, is it Jim or Josh? (Relieved it’s neither!)


Haha … same here.  I was like here goes Jim again on another adventure. Glad that’s not the case.


Does this make us the parasite? Really makes you think. Hug your babies tonight.


The site appeared to briefly crash when we got Kimbrel. I smiled because I knew it meant people were pumped up and were coming here to discuss it.


I just signed in and now the icons to upvote or reply to each comment are huge. Like they fill a whole screen. I am running Chrome on a PC if that matters


Though it looks fine on mobile (Chrome on Android)


Cleared my cache, closed and restarted my browser. Still having the issue but only when I login. Looked fine before logging in. Is this just an intricate scam to get me to comment less?


Looks good to me


All looks good now, and I can type with spaces again.


I’m using Chrome on an Android device and still see it (black plus sign and arrow take up my whole screen under each comment). I cleared all of my history/cache and started a new session with a new login, and it didn’t go away yet.


It’s weird. I just got the same issue on the Seby post but not on this one or the Minor League post.




RSS feed (at /feed) throwing a certificate error (signed by unknown authority)


Fixed, thank you!

Joliet Orange Sox

I am still seeing giant fonts on some parts of the site. What is giant varies depending on device, the browser, the post, and whether I am logged in or not. I wont’ go into detail because I don’t think Jim needs feedback from thousands of readers. I’ll leave the detailed feedback to the core part of the Soxmachine community.

That said, I think I speak for most readers when I say that I understand this shift to a new host is necessary and the glitches are par for the course in this kind of switch. I’m certain Jim is working hard to fix things and we can all be patient.

I taught courses completely on-line for the first time over the last 18 months. Whenever I tried something new in my college’s LMS, I tested it on many different browsers on both Mac and PC. Every single time, there were students who had issues I hadn’t seen in testing. It was frustrating and stressful but unavoidable as part of the world we live in.

Keep us the great work Jim!


Looks like you have things well in hand, but if you ever need a second set of eyes on something, feel free to reach out. I do this stuff for a day job. Thanks for the hard work keeping things afloat!


Good work. I just wish that Patreon would keep me logged in.

As Cirensica

Thank you Jim. Glad everything works out. I have no problems with the site anymore. During this update I just realized how important SoxMachine is for me. I was drinking my morning coffee, and I didn’t know where to click to read baseball White Sox news when I realized SM was having issues. I felt loss for a moment…like ..”what now?” type of moment.

Sorry if I bother you reporting this via tweeter. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms and I was scratching my elbows and the back of my head.


Everything looks great jim – and the site is loading dramatically quicker for me since the migration


Everything looks good – thanks for the hard work in getting the issues resolved!


I think we can all agree that this migration brought some big pluses!
(I’ll see myself out)


Things mostly look good on my end now, but any/all pictures fail to load – I get the question mark of death as a placeholder.

Using Safari on macOS.


Yes, looks like a CDN issue, but I hadn’t encountered the issue until the host change. An example URL:

comment image

Joliet Orange Sox

I’m posting this using Safari (not my usual browser) on a mac running big sur (11.5.1) and I’m seeing the WPA art at the top of this article and other images fine.

The one issue I’ve noticed tonight is that all profile pics were the pinwheel except Jim’s.(which had changed from multicolored shadows to bagel eating). I reselected mine by editing my profile to get it back. I’d be in favor of more posters having a profile pic but most people don’t care based on the majority not taking the minute needed to do it.

Just like Buehrle on 7/23/09, this site is a perfecto! Loads a lot faster now, too. Did Madrigal kick out the plug on his way out the door? That lil’ scamp. Many thanks to Jim, Josh and the others to keep us the best informed and entertained Sox fans around!