First Pitch: White Sox at Cubs

Wrigley Field (Josh Nelson)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago, Marquee Sports Network


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Cesar keeps on rolling


There you go, Moncada


If Rodon’s arm was dead, it got better (in Monty Python and the Holy Grail voice).


Collins is tough to watch


I know he has come through, but seems like any times Moncadas up w a runner in scoring position in higher leverage, it ends with him walking back to the bench.

Joliet Orange Sox

Moncada has a 0.984 OPS with RISP this year coming into today (and has a two-run double today). I’m ok with that but you may have higher expectations.


His RISP numbers may be OK, but overall he has not been near the offensive player he was in 2019 and that they hoped for when they signed him to the extension.


That’s what I mean. I know his RISP numbers are good, but the strikeouts (particularly later innings) are what stand out to me this year.

Perhaps just an effect of Moncada not meeting the expectations, the bad gets anchored more than the good.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jason

It does seem like he K’s an awful lot with guys on base, I agree. The whole team has been pretty awful that way recently though. Past 2-3 weeks getting runner home from 3rd with less than 2 outs has been close to pitiful as a team.


On a happier note, thank you Rick Hahn. What a steal Hernandez has been.


Small sample size but his numbers have been getting better as the season goes. Gotta like him, dude has 20 homers. They didn’t miss much getting him instead of Escobar at all.


Why didn’t he have Kimbrel cover the 9th



Kimbrel started warming when it was a 2 run game. I assume the plan was Kimbrel setting up a Hendriks save. But it was too late to warm a different pitcher after Cesar and Jose made it a non-save situation