First Pitch: White Sox at Royals

TV: NBC Sports Chicago

(Photo by Minda Haas Kuhlmann)

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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Escobar traded to the Brewers.

LuBob DuRob

Saw Danny doing his “another second base option got traded” dance during the pre-game.


Our ole pal Bob thinks we are focused on Story …

LuBob DuRob

That would be ideal… I’m mentally preparing for Harrison.


I’m mentally preparing for something in between nothing and Eric Sogard


Ugh, nothing is the better of those two options.


Totally. I had trouble deciding which one to put first.

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I thought Bob guaranteed us Escobar. Woof.


Hard to get that excited about a guy hitting .180 with a .630 OPS away from Coors. I know he has been fantastic in the past, but this year not at all. Better than what they have, but would mean little without a bullpen upgrade like the 2 pitchers the Astros got.

I hope whatever they would give up for Story in value would be for the 2021 version of him, not his prior years.

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LuBob DuRob

Wonder what would have happened to Eloy on that play?

Root Cause

Maybe the best thing that could happen is 2 people working for LF.

Gallo to the Yankees for a ton of prospects. Looks like every playoff team has made a deal save for us and Boston…


You can’t have a different right fielder every night. Guys can’t get in a groove


But you can’t have the same right fielder every night when there’s no right fielder on the roster.


When Robert gets back, the closest thing they will have will be Engel. If he were healthy enough to play every day, he might not be awful. Hope that they can be in on Marte this winter.


Alright, there was good Bummer.


Rick Hahn?


Abreu could use a day off….dude looks fatigued right now


Their whole offense looks fatigued. Just one of those low energy periods I guess, not much fun to watch right now.


Burr stinks…AAAA player like Mercedes

Trash bullpen


Blown saves happen, but where oh where is the hitting? I’d move Moncada to the Brewers for Escobar or Urias. Or to any team for a decent 8th inning RP and let Burger play 3B. He’s had only one decent year with the Sox in 2019, otherwise it’s K after K after K. Man oh man, I sense Hahn is going to stand pat and excuse inaction with some BS about messing up the core.


Lol trading Moncada for Escobar …that is insane


I was watching with someone and we were commenting that Moncada has not been quite the player he was in 2019. However, that does not mean trade him for Escobar.

We can only hope there is no standing pat. Astros got 2 relievers already, exactly what the Sox need to match.


Moncada’s strikeout percentage is 25.4%. Burger’s strikeout percentage in his very small sample with the Sox was 35.7%. There’s a lot wrong with your comment, but I’m not sure how you can be frustrated by watching Moncada strikeout and think that the Burger you saw is the answer to ease your frustrations. Oh, also, Moncada has been the best position player on the Sox this year. Though not as good as he was in 2019, he’s having a very good year.

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jose robcada

I’m sorry but this is one the worst comments I’ve read in a long time. Moncada has been one of the best 3b in the league without power, and we all know he has power… I do think his legs aren’t where they need to be so I believe some dhing 1-2 nights a week would be to great benefit but to say you want to trade him for guys with not even half the talent is ludicrous