First Pitch: White Sox at Royals

Kauffman Stadiium in Kansas City
Kauffman Stadium (Photo by Corey Seeman)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


(Photo by Corey Seeman)

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Does it seem like, generally, Timmy’s approach has been worse this year? Or maybe it’s pitch recognition, I dunno. He’s my favorite player, and I just don’t remember him swinging at horrible pitches (seems like lots of sliders outside to my untrained eye?) like this the past two years. He went on that hot streak a couple weeks ago and I was like “finally, Tim’s gonna boost his average and slugging a bit.” and he definitely was white hot… but now it seems like he’s back to the good-not-great Tim he’s been this year.


With a quick check, overall, his discipline is about the same, or slightly better. His O-Swing% (outside the zone) is 41.8% vs. 43.6% last year and 45.2% in 2019. His overall swing percentage is up from last year’s small sample, but about the same as 2019. His walk percentage is up slightly at 4.8% vs. 4.5% last year and 2.9% in 2019. So, averaging it out, it doesn’t look like there’s a significant change there.


Thanks for the data!


It seems like he’s not hitting pitches this year that he was the previous two seasons. Even Benetti made a comment about him missing a 97 MPH fastball down the middle yesterday.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit…

BA Against fastballs:
2019: .312
2020: .368
2021: .352

His slugging% is down nearly 100 points against fastballs compared to 2019 and 2020 as well.


Good grief Leury…


I’m not knocking Vaughn because I think he’s going to be a really good player for the Sox, but man are we setting up some of these rookies for failure by playing them out of position. Vaughn plays passable defense in LF but because there is some idiotic need to put Eloy back out there, where he has already hurt himself multiple times, we move Vaughn to RF and it takes him less than two innings to commit an error. That is terrible coaching, and that is terrible roster management by not acquiring a real RF.

Catching that type of fly ball is not what makes right field harder than left field. Vaughn may not be able to play right field but that error is not significant evidence to make that case.


I kind of thought the same. Only thing I can come up with is maybe the angles or spin or something were different than left


I love that Eloy is making all the plays.The man is challenging the conventional wisdom about his defense.

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Man, the Sox are hard to watch at the plate right now. b.o.r.i.n.g.


Feels like they are just going through the motions


Welcome back, Eloy!!!


Intentionally walk that.