Podcast: Sweepin’ Kansas City (Again)


1:27: White Sox Starting Pitching is the new team strength

4:42: Ranking the White Sox starting pitchers

7:17: Addressing Lucas Giolito’s “Struggles”

18:11: Golden Cog of the Week

19:02: Andrew Vaughn’s progress

22:20: How to manage future playing time between Vaughn, Mercedes, and a healthy Jimenez

28:54: Tony La Russa’s changes in lineup construction and pregame managing

35:49: Minor League Report

40:04: Minnesota Twins series preview

50:40: P.O. Sox

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Unless it’s a now-ish move, Bryant’s fit with the Sox seems at least partly predicated on Mercedes and Eloy’s (and to a lesser degree Robert’s) rehab. If, by the trade deadline, Mercedes is still hitting and Eloy is looking strong and a good bet to return to full-ish strength by late Aug./early Sept., then the Sox already have 4 guys for 3 spots (Vaughn, Eloy, Mercedes, Eaton for LF, RF, DH).

I know that’s one of those good problems to have, and if Bryant is super cheap then I’ll take him because why not, but I can’t see why the Sox would empty the farm system for what may not be a significant upgrade.