White Sox 2021 spring training broadcast, streaming schedule

The White Sox open Cactus League play against the Brewers at 2:05 p.m. Central time, and you won’t have to wait to see the 2021 White Sox in action. The game will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Chicago.

While the White Sox’s network will only carry a handful of spring training games, there will be other ways to follow the preseason. Between webcasts on whitesox.com, broadcasts on Chicago-area regional sports networks and opponent broadcasts on MLB.tv, you can watch 23 of the White Sox’s 28 spring training game. There’s one rough patch in the first week where three of four games can’t be seen, but every game from March 13 onward will be viewable in one way, shape or form.

We’ll see whether the webcasts have any enhancements, but if not, it’ll at least be easier to watch them. Besides the team’s official site, the games will also be streamed on the White Sox’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The schedule is below. Games that are on TV in the Chicago market are also on MLB.tv, so I reserved that columns for games that can only be watched that way. Also, remember that the White Sox’s new radio home is ESPN 1000, not WGN, in case you want to get an idea of what Len Kasper sounds like calling games on this side of town.

2/28Brewers2:05 p.m.XX
3/1@Angels2:10 p.m.X
3/2Rangers2:05 p.m.XX
3/3@Royals2:05 p.m.
3/4@Giants2:05 p.m.
3/5Mariners2:05 p.m.X
3/6@Cleveland2:05 p.m.
3/7Rockies2:05 p.m.XX
3/8@Dodgers2:05 p.m.XXX
3/9Padres2:05 p.m.X
3/11@Reds7:05 p.m.
3/12@Rangers2:05 p.m.
3/13Angels2:05 p.m.XX
3/14@Athletics3:05 p.m.X
3/15Cubs3:05 p.m.XX
3/16@Padres3:10 p.m.X
3/17Dodgers3:05 p.m.XXX
3/18Royals3:05 p.m.XX
3/19@Mariners8:40 p.m.X
3/20Cleveland3:05 p.m.X
3/21@Dbacks3:10 p.m.X
3/22Giants3:05 p.m.X
3/23@Cubs3:05 p.m.MX
3/24Athletics3:05 p.m.XXX
3/25Reds3:05 p.m.X
3/26@Brewers3:10 p.m.X
3/27@Rockies3:10 p.m.X
3/28Dbacks3:05 p.m.XX
M – Denotes Marquee Sports Network broadcast

(Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire)

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Maybe a stupid question but I don’t remember from last year. As someone outside of the Chicago market with MLB.tv, I should be able to watch today’s broadcast via MLB tv , correct?


“ Games that are on TV in the Chicago market are also on MLB.tv, so I reserved that columns for games that can only be watched that way”.

I am, in fact, an idiot.

Carry on everyone and Go Sox! Baseball is back!


I haven’t looked at the MLB.tv blackout restrictions recently, but in the past they’ve been blacked out far outside of the Chicago area.

I’m not sure where you’re located, but I couldn’t get White Sox games on MLB.tv in Iowa, even if they weren’t available on anything here.

Hopefully you’re able to see the game!


Embarrassing how happy I am to see a lineup card…


It looks like it was written by a 6th Century monk.


Good to see Shts back on the bench


Damn it, Jerry! Too cheap to even buy vowels for the bench players.


Cool, we get to see what Burger looks like at third, or from this lineup card, Berger, I guess. Gotta earn that u!

John SF

Wait, so today’s game isn’t going to be streamed on YouTube?


Despite all my disappointment with the lack spending the money, I still put out two sox flags, my kids and I are all wearing our sox hats, and we have out a miniature baseball field carpet with players and scoreboard, all ready for the game. I guess Jerry counts on chumps like us.