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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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As Cirensica

Setting aside the quality of the lyrics because it would take me too much time to dig them out and translate,

I’ll do it for you although there is a part I just can’t understand. I don’t speak Cuban (I guess)

What am I gonna do when you are gone? (Qué voy a hacer cuando te vayas?)
How can I hide? (Cómo disimular?)
I am going crazy without you (Que me vuelvo loco si no te tengo)
Mumble mumble (I don’t really get what he sings here)


Shingos Cheeseburgers

OutKast has a song called Humble Mumble so you never know!


Should be “Mumba! Mumba!”

Michael Kenny

Mumble mumble = Mi desastre personal

Last edited 2 years ago by Michael Kenny
As Cirensica

Oh my God… you are right! And duh…that’s also the name of the album

I couldn’t discern it because of Yoan’s Cuban accent. It is hard to explain but Cubans pronounce Spanish in a very particular way. In my personal opinion, the best Spanish in LATAM is spoken in Colombia. It is a beautiful Spanish and very well pronounced. We, Venezuelans, speak {probably] the fastest Spanish (think of a New Yorker speaking English), and we connect words so fast that depending on the context, two words might sound like a new one word. We also contract a lot which “cheapens” the language.

Michael Kenny

Ha! Yeah, I know the equivalent of maybe one year of high school Spanish, and every time José Abreu speaks I’m just like… huh?


When I was working at a non-profit years ago, I needed to translate a 4-page brochure/application form into Spanish and to save money we decided to use in-house Spanish speaking staff who were not professional translators.

Luckily we had several native Spanish speakers, but one was from Mexico, one from Argentina, one from Colombia, and one from Venezuela. That resulted in a ton of back and forth about the “right” way to phrase things in the translated document and way more disagreements than I was expecting.

As Cirensica

I can easily picture those disagreements. It amazes me how, even though it is the same language, several words have different meanings in different countries. Plus, each country have their own sets of “words” that are only spoken in a particular country. I find it annoying when Hollywood cats Spanish speakers actors to play a role without considering the background. Like for example, in the Narcos series, there are many “Colombians” actors with a Mexican accent. It annoys me a little bit or how in Breaking Bad, Gustavo Fring and Hector Salamnca are supposed to speak Spanish, and their accent they have when speaking Spanish is so thick you has to wonder if they even speak Spanish at all.


You have Lopez penciled in for the opening day rotation, while predicting that Kopech will have 20 starts for the season. So you are presumably guessing that Kopech will start the season in the minors. Has there been any indication from the Sox or Kopech himself that that will be the case or is that just assumed since Kopech hasn’t pitched in the MLB since his 14 innings in 2018?

As Cirensica

Kopech has to start in the minors. The guy hasn’t started a game in almost 2 years, and is coming back from a major surgery. Nobody knows how is he gonna pitch vs live batters. Not even him. He needs to regain stamina. Jim has him at 20 starts, and I believe that is optimistic.

I think ReyLo will start more than 5 games.

I think Hahn needs pitching depth, and should go for a cheap 5 starter with proven health record (sorry Shoemaker, Richards).

Last edited 2 years ago by As Cirensica

Non-zero chance Benetti and Kasper go with Option 4. Also non-zero chance Gómez was referring to a future Norge Carlos Vera press conference.


But we already have that news about Vera. Hope he’s talking about more than that. A trade would be fun. Unless it involves a Tatis.


Last year, Gomez was breaking “news” about the White Sox signing Yasiel Puig. Could he be going back to that well?