José Abreu named American League Most Valuable Player

The only shame about José Abreu’s 2020 season is that it only lasted 60 games.

Everything else about it couldn’t be better.

Having already experienced his first winning season and his first postseason while winning his third Silver Slugger, Abreu capped it all off by winning the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award.

Abreu became just the fifth White Sox ever to win the MVP, joining Frank Thomas (1993-94), Dick Allen (1972) and Nellie Fox (1959). The counting stats don’t quite show it thanks to the truncated season, but the rate stats — a .317/.370/.617 line that represented career bests in all categories — reflect the quality of his campaign, not to mention all the ways he topped the leaderboard:

  • Games (60)
  • Hits (76)
  • RBIs (60)
  • Slugging percentage (.617)
  • Total bases (148)
  • bWAR among position players (2.8)

Abreu provided words to the White Sox through a statement

“First and foremost, I want to thank God for this blessing. It is very special to win this award and even more doing it this year with all the adversities and challenges we faced. I feel extremely honored and humbled. I’ve worked hard for this, and even though I don’t focus on winning awards, getting this one just feels like a recognition to all the work, all the effort I’ve been doing during my whole career to get to this point. Now, my mom can really say that she has an MVP as a son, and she can keep saying that I am her MVP.

“This award is for my family, for Jerry (Reinsdorf) and the Chicago White Sox organization who gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues and made my mom’s dream come true. To the fans and to all my coaches, teammates and everyone who has helped me and supported me, this is for you too. Thank you also to all the writers who voted for me.”

… but he struggled to find them on the MLB Network broadcast. He spent most of the first minute with his head on the table, and when he was able to lift it, you’d be hard-pressed to tell he won.

But win it he did, and while José Ramírez tried to make it close with a furious finish to his September, the vote totals show a comfortable margin at the end. Abreu won 21 of 30 first-place votes, with Ramírez taking eight and D.J. LeMahieu the remaining one. Tim Anderson finished seventh, including one third-place vote, and Dallas Keuchel got a 10th-place nod.

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Absolutely over the moon with happiness for Jose A. He truly deserved it!

LuBob DuRob

So happy for Jose – what an amazing accomplishment! He looks sincerely happy to have won the award!


Did you say sincerely on purpose? Is anyone other than TLR allowed to judge sincerity? I for one (if my username doesn’t give it away) am sincerely happy for MVPito!


Congratulations to a truly impressive representative of the White Sox. This is only the fifth AL MVP Award in franchise history. His victory is a moment to savor.

In the first live programming following the awards announcement, MLB Tonight interviewed an effusive Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos about Freddie Freeman’s NL win. No one from White Sox management came on to discuss Abreu. It’s not a surprise, but a shame that this organization is unable to celebrate this rare achievement on national television.

The same episode had a segment on Ethan Katz joining the Sox, so it’s not like the network was snubbing the team. We complain about the national media ignoring the Sox (with ESPN’s erasure of the 2005 World Series being the most egregious example), but this front office doesn’t seem interested in or capable of being on a national stage.


That’s so pathetic. Not surprising but pathetic.


this front office doesn’t seem interested in or capable of being on a national stage

Thinking back to moments like KW’s victory lap in the media after they traded for Jake Peavy, I don’t think the front office is shy about touting their accomplishments. More likely they’re avoiding scrutiny during this difficult time (of their own creation). Like COWARDS.


and really, who wants to be blindsided by questions like, “Why won’t you stop hammering yourself in the nuts?”


I think Jerry’s strategy is to have his front office staff avoid the media right now and hope this all blows over. I don’t think he wants Rick or Kenny out there.

All the blame for this debacle needs to be on put at Jerry’s feet. He is ok with people focusing on Rick or Kenny because it takes the focus off of his failure.


Do you guys remember all of the outrage when Moncada received a single 10th place MVP vote a year ago? In spite of having a higher WAR and/or OPS than several players that received more votes? I wonder if Verdugos lone vote (a fifth place vote!?) will be viewed with the same scorn.


I don’t think there was too much outrage outside of Bruce Levine and David Haugh, who are two guys known to take pot shots at the Sox no matter what.


Phil Rogers did too. But mostly I was talking about social media crybabies.


Couldn’t have been anyone more deserving of the recognition. Congrats Pito!


Hip Hip José!


Earned and well deserved….. First MLB who almost had to sign himself.


I have little faith if any in the FO, but I never doubted the three year extension they gave Abreu, it was well deserved.


Tears of joy were shed at my house tonight. So pleased for and proud of Jose.


Congrats Jose! Such a great accomplishment. Especially when all the scuttlebutt last offseason was that he was starting his decline phase. It’s like he took it personally, came in great shape, and charged through that 60 games.

Next step, learn from this past postseason and be a monster next postseason. If anyone is capably, Abreu is.

As Cirensica

This is absolutely great. Abreu deserved this. What a great player and person Abreu is. I am so happy he is with the White Sox.


Yeah for positive WS news! Congrats Jose. Very well deserved.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

#79 is definitely getting retired


Congratulations to onetime White Sox intern/analyst and University of Chicago alumna Kim Ng!

Breaking: Kim Ng appears in line to become Marlins GM. First female GM of MLB team.

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) November 13, 2020

Eagle Bones

This is very cool. About time someone got around to giving her a shot at a GM job.


My reaction is similar to José Abreu’s last night, except no hitting myself in the head. I’m so happy.

A couple years ago, she spoke to the alumni magazine.

Does the speculation about whether you will be the first female GM bother you?

Yeah. I’m not sure if anybody asks the guys that. The idea that this is all sitting on my shoulders—it’s a lot of pressure. It’s hard. But I think someone’s going to have to do it.

At the end of the day, if this doesn’t happen, I’m not going to see it as, “My career was a failure.” That might be other peoples’ take, but that’s not mine. I know how hard it is. I know about all the guys who didn’t even get an interview who probably should have had an interview. I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve worked extraordinarily hard to get where I am. If I don’t end up becoming a general manager, that’s just the luck of the draw. I’ve had a great career regardless.

A healthy attitude, but I am delighted the Marlins have entrusted her with this responsibility AND that it got announced the week before her birthday.

Eagle Bones

Did someone seriously down vote this post? Because I up voted it. Show yourself you cowardly. sexist swine!

Eagle Bones

Good company to be in here.

The White Sox hiring Tony La Russa as their next manager was a controversial hire for many reasons, including the fact that La Russa hasn’t managed a big league game since 2011. However, La Russa did receive consideration for a managerial opening just last winter, as Jon Heyman (in a radio interview on WFAN’s Moose and Maggie show) said the Mets interviewed La Russa about potentially replacing Mickey Callaway. “Nothing came of” the talks and La Russa wasn’t extended an offer, as the Mets went to hire Carlos Beltran.