Podcast: Jose Abreu Powers White Sox Terrific Week

Josh and Jim recap the White Sox series win over the Cubs in large thanks to Jose Abreu’s historical performance. Plus, a look at how Rick Renteria utilized his starting pitching in the series with a breakdown of Dylan Cease’s sixth inning. 

Looking ahead, the White Sox host the Pittsburgh Pirates for two games. Does it make sense to give Yoan Moncada another day off? In the end, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox including Nomar Mazara’s role. 

Geoff Blum

Eloy defense question: on statcast, his jump and route are right around league average. But his “burst” is terrible. Given that he has slight above average speed, does this tell us that he’s not comfortable once the ball is in the air? Shouldn’t that be somewhat easy to fix with more reps? Or is he doomed to suck forever

Derek King

Well, I was bit by the COVID bug last week. Thankfully, my symptoms are mild and I’m not high risk, but I have to say: watching the White Sox mash home runs was some good medicine. So, just like we all predicted, Adam Engel has more HR than Nomar Mazara in less PA. He’s been the superior offensive player this season and he’s an elite defender. I know relying on Engel hasn’t yielded great results in the past, but how much longer does Ricky trot Mazara out there?

David Imbordino

What are your thoughts on whether “playoff experience” will be as impactful this year for a team like the Sox if they get in? With no fans, the environment isn’t the same, but are there other things that will be important to learn for potential future runs in upcoming years?

Patreon Only P.O. Sox Questions

Ken Swanson

Tim Anderson currently has a negative WAR for defense, but my memories of the last few weeks is that he hasn’t had many “oh Tim” plays. Do you think his defense is rounding into form? How good is it right now, in your opinion?

mark sambor

Once healthy and deemed ready, does Nick Madrigal immediately replace Danny Mendick at second base ?

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We should call Eloy the Roomba. He cleans up at the plate and can’t change direction until he hits a wall.

Jim Margalus

EJ Roomba!


It’s a tragedy that millions of baseball fans won’t get to see this comment


I was thinking about the comments on dealing for Lance Lynn, and I remembered that I was not in the draft Madrigal group. I wanted Kelanic, India, or Singer.