Podcast: Getting Ready For Opening Day

Josh and Jim recap the White Sox first exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs which featured an explosive six-run inning from the offense. Even though the results don’t count, these games are still important for individual players. 

Who will be the White Sox fifth starting pitcher? 

Will Yoan Moncada be ready for Opening Day? 

Who will start at second base? 

Who will make the 30-man roster?

We answer those questions and yours in P.O. Sox.


mark sambor

How will you be assessing the performance of Rick Renteria in this experimental season? How much time is left on his contract and what scenarios would have to take place for Renteria to either have his contract extended or terminated?


Regular season play begins this week. What are your biggest concerns about Opening Day?

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Trooper Galactus

What do you think will be more critical for teams this season: their best players performing well or their best players staying healthy and COVID-free?

Derek King

If the Sox were to fall out of the playoff picture 30 games in, what moves would you like to see the Sox make to set themselves up for 2021? And how would you like to see them handle the roster (e.g. who would you like to see get more playing time?)?

Magnus Olsson

It REALLY doesn’t feel like the regular season is about to start. What can we do to make this season feel like it actually matters?

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