White Sox Wake-Up Call: Sept. 10, 2019

Good morning. Here’s the (brief) rundown:

  • TONIGHT: The White Sox and Royals open their last series of the season with a battle of 9-12 starters.
  • AROUND THE LEAGUE: The Red Sox fire Dave Dombrowski, the Houston Astros set records, and Milwaukee leaps over Arizona for the first team out.

Listen below:

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Over the last couple days there have been talks about JD Martinez to the White Sox. Any thoughts?


Good point, I was too. Their stats are very similar and JD is 7 years younger.


JD would be a great addition. I think with Dombrowski being gone makes it almost certain he will opt out. He sure would look good hitting between Moncada and Eloy.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I would be for it too, but it would be interesting to see what that OF DH situation ends up looking like. Eloy, JD and a rookie CF in the outfield at the same time would be interesting.


Adding a LH bat that could play both right and left would help. JD and Joc Pederson would suddenly make the outfield/DH a strength.


Hits the ball hard and walks. What’s not to like?