Sox Machine Live!: Taming the Tigers

Recorded 8-7-2019

The White Sox have won five of their last seven games thanks to Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson having good weeks. Will this springboard them to having a good month in August? 

Also, what’s going on with Eloy Jimenez at the plate? Ivan Nova is pitching much better, and a preview of the Oakland A’s series and the next 30 games. 

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Today’s off day would be a good time to make the necessary changes for the rest of the year. Gone- Castillo, Skole, 2 of Cordell/Engel/Jay. Up Robert, Collins, Mercedes, Mendick. When Yoan comes back, get rid Yolmer and platoon Goins/Mendick at 2nd. Yolmer is now 71st out of 71 AL qualifiers in OPS. Then move Rutherford and Gonzalez to AAA, and Walker to AA.


Agreed on almost all your suggestions.  (Personally, I would keep Engel based on WAR.) The FO, however; doesn’t have your common sense. Yolmer, Jay and Castillo are sunk costs that should all be dfa’d. I sense  that they will play their remaining 2019 season games with the Sox. Why, it’s called stupidity…


Yeah, there is nothing to be gained from giving Yolmer, Jay and Castillo regular at bats for the rest of the year, when there are able-bodied replacements who may or will be part of the future wasting away in AAA. I think stupidity is too generous a term for these morons. Jerry is loyal to his employees, but just spits on the fans. It is just disingenous neglect that keeps these players down.

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

Everyone hates on the A.J. Reed experiment. It was just due diligence. Former top prospect. Someone lots of teams liked, let alone the White Sox. Considering where the White Sox are this season, there’s no reason to not give him a shot. That requires at-bats to really gain an astute observation of what’s up now.
Yet in the case of Zack Collins,they didn’t allow for any consistency. They didn’t allow Palka any either (his second opportunity this season). Very sparing, sporadic play.
In the case of Engel, he deserves Center Field this season. There isn’t any better option with the wasteland that has occupied the outfield this season. Even with the nearly “sure out” he provides offensively, he’s a competent, Major League outfielder. He does seem to have slightly improved. He’ll never be Mel Ott, but as of now, his defensive value is useful. Leury isn’t terrible. He should be depth. He can play left. Sub in for a player later to acquire more offense. Starts at short, move in the middle of the game. Overall Engel helps the pitching.
Eloy is terrible in the outfield. He has run into the center fielder multiple times this season. Is he deaf!? His hitting has left a bit to be desired. He’s very young though. Impatience can cause plenty of problems as well. Not too worried about his bat coming around. His glove/fielding is very concerning though.
Love the Podcasts! Love the content! Been a White Sox fan ever since I was born! It hasn’t been easy needless to say. Yet there is no other team I have ever been as “invested” in more than the White Sox!