Podcast: Hot starts to believe in

Guest: Dan Szymborski, Fangraphs

Our best friend of the podcast, Dan Szymborski returns to the show to share his thoughts about Tim Anderson’s bat flip, why pitchers and managers should be suspended for intentional beanings, which teams have staying power with their starts, and why Moncada and Rodon can continue to have a great 2019 season.

Josh and Jim recap the Tigers series in which it feels like the White Sox should have won this series. Reynaldo Lopez is looking better, but if the offense doesn’t find ways to score earlier (and more often) in games it’ll look like Anderson and Moncada’s improvements will be wasted.

Plus, the Minor League Report, and your questions in P.O. Sox.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Good morning. It doesn’t seem to posted to the Friends feed.

Jim Margalus

@jorgefabregas I’m seeing it on my feed. Still nothing?


Not as of yet. It will probably show up.

Jim Margalus

I’ve submitted a support ticket for it.

Jim Margalus

@jorgefabregas If you or anybody else still isn’t seeing it, I’m told you should write to Patreon, because the issue isn’t the feed itself.


Mike Trouts numbers with that BABIP are astounding! WOw

If they let Alonso’s option vest it will show even further how incompetent this front office is. The fact we currently have a roster where there are no DH at bats available for anyone other then a 180 hitter is also hilarious.

As Cirensica

It is a 100 meter dash Mr. Szymborski

EDIT: I wasn’t trying to reply to your post knoxfire. I click the wrong reply button



Lurker Laura

Interesting to see some successful teams of the last 7-8 years (the years comprising the study) – Giants, Cubs, Brewers – also at the bottom of the list.

As Cirensica

Unfathomable how this FO still has the same guys running it for so many years. Their incompetence is unparalleled.


I wouldn’t call it unfathomable since Jerry Reinsdorf is our owner. In fact it fits in well with the way he runs organizations.


Especially damning because the Sox use such a college heavy approach, while not exploiting the July 2 market before the rule changes. Can’t make the “developing a bunch of 16-18 year olds takes time” excuse.


Can someone give me a primer on this? My eyes glazed over as I started to read the article. Are all the teams in parentheses below… what? Average expected surplus value? All I’m taking away is the Sox are worst at developing talent, which, admittedly, matches observations pretty well.

karkovice squad

tl;dr They tracked future value scouting grades from acquisition to major league promotion or attrition. They did some adjustments for risk, cost, and inflation. The end result is the value added or lost by the teams’ ability to develop players.


Ayy, thanks Karko.


His postgame alter-ego, Ricky Loco, has made him the cult hero of every coaching staff he’s ever worked on for reasons nobody will discuss publicly.

This is an investigative case for Fegan. Could take years.