Introducing/teasing Sox Machine pint glasses

A brief bit of site business:

This morning, I made a quick trip to a Vermont manufacturer to pick up three cases of Sox Machine pint glasses, seen above. They’re a classic @billyok design available in both black and red, and they’re handsome.

You may have already seen it on Patreon, but for those who haven’t, the first purpose of these glasses is to thank the handful of supporters who have pledged well over the top tier on the Sox Machine Patreon over the course of the site’s first 14 months back. There’s now a $10/month tier simply called “Sox Machine Pint Glass,” and those who have been a part of this previously imaginary level will be sent a glass next week in the color of your choice, with a coaster for your protection.

If you aren’t part of this group, and if you aren’t on Patreon, here’s the deal:

*Those who join or upgrade to the $10 tier will receive a pint glass in the mail after their second month/payment at the tier.

*Those who are interested in acquiring a pint glass without supporting at the $10 tier … stay tuned. After all the requisite shipments to Sox Machine supporters are out the door, I’ll be exploring site storefront options.

For more information about contributing to Sox Machine, visit your local library the Sox Machine Patreon page. As always, thanks for reading, listening and supporting.

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Josh Nelson

@billyok – You make us look so good!


I appreciate getting more

excuses to send you money
opportunities to support the site


Yes, do these mugs come with refills?


These look great! Could I make a suggestion of also a coffee mug version?




Eh, straight-sided mixers are so 1990. Now it’s all about the chalices and tulips and all the other specialty glassware you need for each individual beer.

-signed, some old fart no longer in the craft brew trade due to changing tastes. Somewhere, an even older Coors brewer is laughing his ass off at me. At least I got to meet my colleague, Frank Thomas, at the Great American Beer Festival as he worked his table.

Patrick Nolan

Them shits is handsome!

John SF

I don’t think I’m likely to be able to get up to the $10 level anytime soon. But I have been with y’all from day 1, and I would love the chance to buy one of these beauties .

Just imagining drinking some beer out of a SoxMachine pint glass while watching a sox game and participating int he sox machine game thread. Trying to tweet my #SoxMath question at Jason but having pnoles f-ing beat me again by a few seconds just because my MLBTV cable provider in california lags behind the rest of you.

Also +1 on coffee mugs. I could get in on that action too.


Those are pretty sweet.  Can we give the $5 supporters a shot at buying a glass 🙂