White Sox 2019 spring training broadcast schedule

Cactus League play gets underway for the White Sox Saturday with split-squad action, including a couple streaming options for their game against their Camelback Ranch roommates. The White Sox will provide a free stream on whitesox.com, while the Dodgers’ flagship network’s broadcast can be found on MLB.tv.

You can find a complete slate below. I believe all opponent broadcasts are accounted for, and broadcasts with * denote a game that will be reaired on delay on MLB Network. You can find MLB Network’s full spring schedule here.

Should you find any extra broadcasts or (legit) streams, post them below.

DateOpponentTime (CT)BroadcastRadioWebcast
Feb. 23

2:05 p.m.
2:05 p.m.



Feb. 24@Padres2:10 p.m.   
Feb. 25@Giants2:05 p.m. WGN 
Feb. 26Royals2:05 p.m.  whitesox.com
Feb. 27Reds2:05 p.m.  whitesox.com
Feb. 28@Mariners2:10 p.m.MLBTV*  
Mar. 1@Rangers2:05 p.m.   
Mar. 2Rockies2:05 p.m.  whitesox.com
Mar. 3@Cubs2:05 p.m. WGN 
Mar. 4Angels2:05 p.m.MLBTV, MLBNWGNwhitesox.com
Mar. 5

2:05 p.m.
2:05 p.m.


Mar. 7Brewers2:05 p.m. WGNwhitesox.com
Mar. 8@Angels2:05 p.m.MLBTV*  
Mar. 9@Rangers2:05 p.m.   
Mar. 10Athletics3:05 p.m. WGNwhitesox.com
Mar. 11@Brewers3:05 p.m.MLBN  
Mar. 12

3:05 p.m.
3:05 p.m.


Mar. 13@Dodgers9:05 p.m.MLBTV*  
Mar. 15Cubs3:05 p.m.WGNWGN 
Mar. 16Dodgers3:05 p.m.NBCSC*  
Mar. 17@Dbacks3:10 p.m. WGN 
Mar. 18Giants3:05 p.m. WGNwhitesox.com
Mar. 19@Reds8:05 p.m.NBCSCWGN 
Mar. 20Dbacks3:05 p.m.NBCSC  
Mar. 21Rangers3:05 p.m.  whitesox.com
Mar. 22@Angels3:10 p.m.NBCSC  
Mar. 23@Dodgers2:05 p.m.MLBTV*  
Mar. 24Indians2:05 p.m.NBCSC*WGN 
Mar. 25@Dbacks8:40 p.m.   
Mar. 26@Dbacks2:40 p.m.MLBTV*  
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Jim you magnificent bastard I just thought I wonder if the game is on tomorrow… him always posts a list. Boom right there for me. 


Can’t wait for those Padres games…


I just can’t do it. I can’t invest the energy in watching this team after they’ve so clearly shown their inability or unwillingness to do what it takes to build a complete roster.  The whole point of the rebuild was to restructure the organization and finally do things differently I allow for a long term period of championship competitive baseball. Nothing’s changed though, it’s still the same half measure, nickel and dime  mentality under the direction of the same people who screwed up the first rebuild. Until there’s a change in ownership and the front office I just can’t do it anymore. 


Thanks for posting this. It’s useful and easier to read/find than MLB’s.

I’m excited for baseball despite everything.


Rick Hahn: “We’re by no means done. There are still three to four moves we’re working on.”