Podcast: Reading the tea leaves in pursuit of Machado and Harper

The Rundown:

  • Jim and Josh break down the timeline of rumors surrounding the White Sox pursuit of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.
  • What do we make of the rumors? Are the White Sox a serious contender in signing either Machado or Harper? Is it possible to sign either to a seven-year deal?
  • The White Sox have a TV deal. How does this benefit the White Sox, and looking ahead to the future, what ways will we watch baseball in five years?
  • Lots of P.O. Sox questions about Machado and Harper. Here are the one’s we answered:

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To listen, click play below:

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Has that report out of LA that White Sox were the frontrunner for Machado been dismissed for lack of credibility/confirmation/sources?



womp womp

Right Size Wrong Shape

Feels like Katie Perry’s BH has been lost to history.


KatyPerrysButthole will always be the Salieri to wetbutt23’s Mozart.

I feel like comprehension of this statement should serve as the true test of a Sox fan’s level of fandom.


I’m sure some Sox fans dont like classical music


If the reports of the Sox offer are close, then it’s probably something like 7 years, $240 million. That’s a good start for negotiations. I would think 8/$280 would get it done. That’s a $35 million AAV. With an opt out after 5 years, and a front loaded contract, that could be enough. Would he rather have 8/$280M, or 10/$300M?


Basically asking if you would sign 35 year old free agent Manny Machado to a 2 year/20 million dollar deal. On one hand, 35 year old free agents tend to be worthless. On the other hand, 10 million dollars in 2027 might be like 1.5 million today. If that’s what it takes to get the deal done, do it, it’s relatively nothing.


A signing bonus would be very good also. They need some way to take advantage of their great financial flexibility over the next few years.


If I was a player AND I trusted my financial advisor I would always prefer a frontloaded deal. Municipal bonds, Ted. I’m talking AA rated.


If memory serves, I believe that’s exactly what Reinsdorf offered Bonilla and he STILL took the Mets’ offer with deferred payments. And his agent was Dennis Gilbert.