I want Matt Davidson back

Adam Engel was my second favorite player from 2018’s team.  And unless he starts off under .200, I’d like to see him quite often in 2019.  I know that in a couple more years, most of our current players won’t be good enough to wear our uniform, except of course Moncada no matter how many errors he makes or how poorly he bats, especially against left-handed pitchers.  I also know that spending $300 million on one player is the answer to it all.  But still, please pay Matt Davidson a couple million.  Let’s give him one more try.

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sausalito pale hose

Can’t see the value of continuing with Matt. He had a shot. Where would we put him? Not a good hitter, not a good fielder, but a nice guy. Sox have had too many of nice guys that couldn’t get to the next step.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The 2018 White Sox…The year that Adam Engel and Matt Davidson were a guy’s favorite players.


I can see him signing a minor league contract to give pitching a go, and we all know the Sox are loyal enough to do something like that. I don’t know anything about his youth, but it strikes me that he could have been a decent pitcher convinced to let his power carry him. Well, maybe his power won’t after all. Why not try to get back with his arm?


Not sure that I personally mind him gone, but I applaud you for throwing your hat into the ring and voicing your opinion.