Chase’s Offseason Plan


When the White Sox started this rebuid I was all in, and I still am. Sure I didn’t think the Sox would lose 100 games this season, I was in the portion that though they would hang around until the all star break and then fall off and end in the neighborhood of 75 wins. I think this offseason will be the first one where the White Sox add some talent and start to push toward being competitive.


Write “tender” or “non-tender” after each player. Feel free to offer explanation afterward if necessary.

  • Jose Abreu, $16M Tender
  • Avisail Garcia, $8M Non-Tender
  • Yolmer Sanchez, $4.7M Tender
  • Carlos Rodon, $3.7M Tender
  • Matt Davidson, $2.4M Tender
  • Leury Garcia, $1.9M Tender
  • Danny Farquhar, $1.4M Outrighted

We know that Farquhar was outrighted to Charlotte, but I see the rest of these guys getting tendered a contract. Losing any of these guys would just make another hole on a team that is full of them. The Avi Garcia non-tender makes a little more sense after my proposed free agent signings.


Write “pick up” or “decline” after the option.

  • Nate Jones, $4.65 million/$1.25M buyout pick up
  • James Shields, $16 million/$2M buyout decline

These have already been announced, no surprises. A healthy Nate Jones carries some value either with the White Sox or in a trade that could bring back something the White Sox need


Try to retain, or let go?

  • Miguel Gonzalez (made $4.75 million in 2018) Let go
  • Hector Santiago (made $2 million in 2018 — added) Retain

Maybe a minor league contract with Santiago and let him earn a spot in the bullpen, I think the long man role will come down to either Santiago or Covey.


List three free-agent targets you’d pursue during the offseason, with a reasonable contract. 

No. 1: Marwin Gonzalez (4 years, $50 million)

Its no secret that the White Sox need someone to play third base, and Gonzalez can do that as well as play nearly every other position on the field. I think 4 years and $50 million seems reasonable, I thought of it in a similar light as the deal that Zack Cozart took with the Angels last year at 3 years $38 million. Gonzalez’s position versatility also give the Sox an option at first base in the future if they decide to move on from Jose Abreu and could still have third base open next offseason for a run at Arenado.

No. 2: Dallas Keuchal (4 years, $70 million)

The deal comes out to an average yearly value of $16.25 million, this one would come at a bit of a risk because of some diminishing stuff. I think that Keuchal is a guy that is a good enough pitcher to be able to adjust to diminishing stuff. He immediately brings some star power to the rotation as well as another lefty in an organization that’s pretty loaded with young right arms.

No 3: Andrew McCutchen (3 years, $39 million)

Cutch could play a really good right field (or left if you want Jimenez to play right) for the White Sox and is another guy that would give them some name recognition (imagine the shirsey sales). He’s not the hitter he used to be but still hit 53 XBH last season (20 HRs, 30 2Bs, 3 3Bs) and would be a very welcome addition to the lineup.


Propose trades that you think sound reasonable for both sides, and the rationale behind them. 

The only trade I could see happening would be a trade that would send Leury Garcia to a national league team for an intriguing minor league player. I won’t set up a specific trade because I wouldn’t even know where to start in looking for a return package for Leury.


The payroll would end up in the neighborhood of $93 million, which is a reasonable white sox payroll, this also gives them some flexibility next offseason to go after Nolan Arenado. My lineup would look something as follows (I’m including Jimenez as I think he’ll be up soon enough to play at least 100 games).

C: Narvaez

1B: Abreu

2B: Moncada

3B: Gonzalez

SS: Anderson

LF: McCutchen

CF: Engel/Garcia

RF: Jimenez

DH: Davidson/Palka

Starting Rotation

  1. Rodon
  2. Lopez
  3. Keuchal
  4. Giolito
  5. Covey/Stephens

Batting order

  1. Narvaez
  2. Gonzalez
  3. Abreu
  4. McCutchen
  5. Davidson/Palka
  6. Jimenez
  7. Moncada
  8. Engel/Garcia
  9. Anderson

I think this lineup could put up some serious runs at the top of the order, with the bottom three having some offensive potential with a lot of speed.

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