Twins 8, White Sox 3: Draft spot secured, if nothing else

There was nothing else

Let’s recap this one by the numbers…

One-plus: The amount of innings Carlos Rodon pitched.

Eight: The amount of runs Rodon allowed. Rodon was a mess, allowing six hits and four walks while throwing just 34 of 66 pitches for strikes. Two of those runs crossed in the first on a two-out double by Jake Cave, followed by six in the second. Maybe Rodon should’ve recorded one out in the first, as a pop-up fell in shallow center field because Ryan Cordell lost track of it …

… but Rodon wasn’t going to be long for the game regardless.

.452/.595/1.000: The line allowed to left-handed batters by Rodon over 39 plate appearances in September. Lefties reached base successfully all three times up tonight, with Joe Mauer walking and singling, and Cave doubling.

4-3: The scoring on a slick ranging play and cross-body throw by Yoan Moncada. Moncada also came through with a pair of doubles and struck out only once, so he won’t set the individual strikeout record.

1-6-3: The scoring on a confusing putout in the eighth. Thyago Vieira fielded a comebacker, spun to second and threw to Jose Rondon … who was not covering second. Moncada was on the bag, while Rondon was to the shortstop side of it. Rondon looked a little surprised to be receiving the throw, and instead of running at second and hoping Moncada would get out of the way to preserve a force play, Rondon got rid of the ball and fired to first to get the out there.

1,579: The number of strikeouts by White Sox hitters on the season, which is now a major league record. The Sox only needed two to set it, and they crossed it off the list as soon as they could, with Moncada and Yolmer Sanchez striking out looking against Kyle Gibson to start the game.

2: Amount of catchers used by the White Sox, as Omar Narvaez departed the game early because of back stiffness. He contributed an RBI single to the cause in the first.

3: The number of runs scored by the White Sox tonight. They tacked on two in the ninth when the Twins blew a pair of comebackers themselves with poor throws to first (Rondon was banged up on the second one, awkwardly dragging a foot while trying to avoid a lunging first baseman, but he stayed in the game).

No. 3: The pick the White Sox will have in the 2019 MLB draft. Tonight’s loss locked it in, as they would win a tiebreaker against Miami if they finished with the same record.

Record: 62-99 | Box score

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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Is Rick Hahn required to give an end of the season press conference?


The tags for the article are on point


Fun fact, but not really:

Miami’s weird postponed final game was cancelled, so they will only play 161.


Yay, 28th place!!!


A lot of people deserve thanks for making this day possible. Lucas Giolito and Carlos Rodon going backwards in September prevented Detroit from making a late dash to fourth place. Avi Garcia played hurt all season and lost whatever value he had last year. Nate Jones mirrored Avi for the time he was able to take the field, setting a tone for the bullpen’s prodigious arson. Welington Castillo lost half a season by taking a PED that had no clear benefit for his skillset. And who could forget Rick Hahn, Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams and the front office made this day possible through years of squandering the prime of an affordable young core?

Despite all this, the Sox still finished ahead of Baltimore and Kansas City when those teams started the year attempting to compete.

lil jimmy

“Sox still finished ahead of Baltimore and Kansas City when those teams started the year attempting to compete.”
At least we knew it was going to suck. It has to be worse for those fans.


Royals fans have a world series win and another WS appearance recently. Orioles at least had some playoff runs with that group. Sox just sucked for the last decade no matter who was on the team. So they at least had something recent to look back on fondly.


“Selective Aggressive” eh?   Or whatever Steverson’s mantra is?   I think I’ve seen enough of that.   


Could not agree more.  It’s not Home Run Derby . . . Or is it?


Ricky’s boys don’t quit? They quit a long time ago. It’s time for him to go. This is downright embarrassing. A young team should get better as the season goes on. They are a joke.


If this staff stays, I’m gone.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Whoa, dude. I dare you.


Neither Earl Weaver in his prime or Chuck Tanner in his could do much better with this horrible roster.

lil jimmy

Right you are sir. There is zero offence in the whole out field.
It’s like a sucking wound out there.

As Cirensica

High draft picks, Hahn’s greatest achievement as a GM.

Brett R. Bobysud

Picks 1, 2, 3, 6, & 9 are locked in:

1 – Orioles
2 – Royals
3 – White Sox
4 – Marlins/Tigers
5 – Marlins/Tigers
6 – Padres
7 – Reds/Rangers
8 – Reds/Rangers
9 – Braves
10 – Blue Jays/Giants
11 – Blue Jays/Giants

lil jimmy

I don’t know if there has been a draft with no pitchers taken in the top 10, but that could be the case next year. Bats, bats every where but not an arm in sight.


So, we know the Sox will take a college pitcher. 

As Cirensica

How are the Braves 9th?

As Cirensica



Bobby Witt, Jr!


I’ll take either catcher: Oregon St Rutchman or Baylor Longeliers……and fast track them ……..Collins, Zuvala, Skoug, et al don’t seem to trip anyone’s trigger.