Post All-Star Break Over/Under’s

With the Chicago White Sox back to playing games again this weekend, it’s time to play Over/Under’s for the remaining games in 2018. Taking ZiPS projections, make your picks below for each of the guesses. We will be sharing what the results are on Monday’s Sox Machine Podcast.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Nice outing for Kopech tonight.


4 out of the last 5 have been good-to-excellent. It’s about that time…


Agreed. Get a ‘Pen arm traded, replace that spot with Covey and give Kopech his shot.

Patrick Nolan

Might as well wait for Shields to be traded at this point, because Covey would have to jump right back into the rotation.

In any event, they wouldn’t have to trade a pen arm to make this happen. Just dump Volstad.


Obviously more than one way to make room. My preference is sooner than I envision Shields being traded, and I’d like to keep Volstad for innings in Sept.


“I’d like to keep Volstad for innings in Sept”.  I largely despise the phrase I’m about to use, but truly seems apt here to say I Can’t Even 


Can you clarify “Number of Prospects Called by the White Sox before or after September 1st”? I assume you are asking about the entire remainder of the season, but I think including the date makes it a little confusing.

Trooper Galactus

I was not encouraged by many of my own answers. Ugh.


Most of my answers were optimistic. This is where we start moving down the draft board.


Gonna try to be a new commenter around here. I am a long time lurker. Quick question: the over 3.5 prospects called up before or after September 1st, so that’s the whole season right? Thinking there is 3 locks with Hamilton, Jimenez and Kopech. We need one of Stephens, Adams or Vieira to hit that over, seems like a good bet. If the question is before September 1st, I’ll take the under