White Sox Mock Draft Roundup: Madrigal-Singer too close to call

Two hours before the draft, there's a fairly sizable consensus up top.

Before we get into the final mock drafts, here’s a link to my Athletic column, which points out that the White Sox’ ultra-slow start takes some of the pressure off this particular draft, because there’ll be another high draft pick right around the corner.

[Carlos] Rodon’s career would be considered wildly successful under other circumstances. Only four years removed from his draft, he has 20 MLB wins, an above-average ERA and more strikeouts than innings pitched to his credit. Alas, that resume is less impressive when it’s spread out over three seasons.

Now when Rodon returns to the rotation later this week – his wife says he caught his flight to Chicago — he’ll be doing so as a Ghost of Rebuild Past. He’s not out of the club’s future plans, and he’ll give the White Sox rotation a much-needed dose of strikeout stuff in the present, but it’s safe to say the original mission was never accomplished.

Whether it’s Brady Singer or Nick Madrigal or an amateur to be named later, whomever the White Sox select with a top-five pick this time around won’t carry so heavy a burden, partially because the farm system is well stocked, and partially because the big club is batting José Rondón in the cleanup spot. There will be another high draft pick on the way, and another chance for the White Sox to really get it right. This year, another partial success will do.

Now, on to the draft picks.

MLB.com (Today)

  • White Sox select: Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State
  • First three picks: Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn (Tigers); Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech (Giants); Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State (Phillies)
  • Previous mock: Brady Singer, RHP, Florida

UPDATE: Both Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo had the Sox with Singer this morning, perhaps because both of their drafts had Madrigal going to Philadelphia at No. 3. With Madrigal back on the board, the Sox take him, with Singer falling to Oakland at No. 9.

Baseball America (Today)

  • White Sox select: Singer
  • First three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Madrigal

UPDATE: BA’s Mock Draft 6.1, which just went up at 5 p.m. Central, also revised the Phillies pick to go back to Bohm. That said, Carlos Collazo and crew still have the Sox tied to Singer, with Madrigal going No. 5 to Cincinnati.

FanGraphs (Today)

  • White Sox pick: Singer
  • First three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Singer

Just got it in under the wire.

Keith Law (Today)

  • White Sox select: Singer
  • First three picks: Bart, Cole Winn, RHP, Orange Lutheran HS; Mize
  • Previous mock: Singer

Here, Law gives the Sox the choice between Madrigal and Singer. He goes with the pitcher, although he’s not a fan:

ScooterMcGavin: White Sox at #4. I’m worried that Mize and Singer will be taken already. Madrigal scares me a little, reminds me too much of Gordon Beckham. Is India or Bohm a better fit for CWS?
Keith Law: I think Singer gets there, although I wouldn’t take him over any of those three bats you mentioned. I think he’s more Carson Fulmer than Chris Sale.

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In Singer’s defense, the Fulmer comp is ridiculous.
The concerns around Fulmer were whether or not his height and high effort delivery would allow him to throw strikes as a starter. His BB/9 in College were 4.27, 4.05, 3.52.
Singer has no issues throwing strikes (BB/9 3.5, 2.29, 1.84) and almost no questions on whether he’ll remain a starter. The doubt is his ceiling.

If Madrigal is there at #4, Singer wouldn’t be a bad pick, just the wrong pick.


If no Bart, then Madrigal, if no Madrigal, then Singer.

I really hope they won’t do something weird like India or some underslot thing with Schnell like we were reading about.


There are HS guys I’d be cool with underslot, but that’s got about no chance of happening. 


Second MLB Pipeline mock of the day up soon: https://mobile.twitter.com/jimcallisMLB/status/1003756852621037568


Singer all the way down to 9.