Sporcle Saturday: Top-25 in extra base hits

Coming into the season, it was all but assured that Jose Abreu would continue climbing up the White Sox’ record book. A brief look at where he stood before the first game of the season:

  • Home runs: 15th all-time, with 124
  • Hits: 51st all-time, with 726
  • Doubles: 37th all-time, with 144 (there’s a good chance he cracks the top-25 in that category before the season is over)
  • RBIs: 34th all-time, with 410 (and again, a good chance he cracks the top-25, probably the top-20)

No matter how you slice it, Abreu has been an offensive force for the White Sox. And, after a good series against the Pirates and the Cubs a couple of weeks ago, Abreu is firmly entrenched in the top-25 for extra base hits all-time for the White Sox. Thus, we get to today’s Sporcle: can you name the other 24 players who have accomplished this feat for the Sox? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • As usual, last names accepted in addition to first and last.
  • I’ve allotted ten minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the number of extra base hits and the player’s tenure with the Sox.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • The average triple-slash of the players on this list: .284/.353/.438
  • With the obvious exception of pitcher, every other position is represented on this list.
  • One player on this list had just 17 home runs, but made up for it with 104(!) triples and another 230 doubles.

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All data from baseballreference.com

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23/25. Damn 1920s guys.


20/25. Should have 22. Drew total blanks on 1982-1990 (never remember him) and 1995-2002. Never would have gotten the other three 20s guys.


21. Some nice numbers for the post-Black Sox players I’m not too familiar with. 


Boomer with 22/25

Brett R. Bobysud

22/25. Had no clue on the guys from the 20s & 30s.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Same here. Usually I kick myself when I see the names, but I never would have got those 3.


25/25 with 7:31 to go, elongated mostly by guessing some old guys who had impressive seasons but shorter Sox careers.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I just finished “the Wrong Stuff”. Thanks for the recommendation; it was a lot of fun. Better than the Bronx Zoo, not quite as good as Ball Four.


Not quite as good as Ball Four is very high praise!
The Wrong Stuff has one of my favorite opening passages for any memoir (sports or otherwise), beginning with the sentence: “God, it’s dark.”


21/25 – Never would have gotten three of the names from the 1920s, but should have had the 1982-1990 name.



I’m pissed for missing Melton and Walker. Less so Lollar.
The rest of the prehistory guys I’ll give myself a pass on.

Patrick Nolan


Jim Margalus

I should go to the HOF library over the winter and write up

Bibb Falk’s
profile. Then again, he and
Johnny Mostil
are two guys who help me get 100 percent on these slugger quizzes.

Joliet Orange Sox

I missed 1920-1928 who Jim mentions above but I should have gotten him because he shows up in these sporcles often.

Joliet Orange Sox

just testing how to do a spoiler since I screwed it up in the post above