White Sox expand food and beer offerings for the 2018 season

Food Day is always a joyous event at Guaranteed Rate Field when the Chicago White Sox unveil what will be new at the ballpark for fans to eat and drink. Last year was a more prominent event with the announcement of Modelo being a primary sponsor for the White Sox, but there are plenty of new options from the concessions stands for Sox fans.

Often a tease is when ballclubs post on Twitter new food items, but they are only offered at the club level. Below is the list of new offerings by those you can only find in the Club Level, and those you can see in the 100 or 500-levels.

Food Offerings: Club Level

Buffalo Chicken Empanada – These empanadas are big as they are stuffed with pulled chicken with buffalo sauce and four-cheese mix. Served on the side is queso dip.

Hot Chicken Sliders – For fans of the Nashville food staple, the White Sox will have this variation on a brioche bun and pickles.

Meatball Sub – Self-explanatory

Knuckle Balls – Think bread sticks but in ball form. They do stuff these balls with provolone which makes it a heavenly combination of cheese, butter, garlic and served with a side of Pizzaiolo sauce.

Pozole Salad Bowl – For the health conscious fan, this is a good option with a blend of grilled chicken and greens tossed in a Guajillo vinaigrette.

South Side Horseshoe – A hamburger patty made out of Italian sausage that’s placed on Texas toast with Giardiniera, fries, and a Modelo cheddar sauce. Looks like something I would have made in College or on a leftover night.


Food Offerings: 100 and 500-levels

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich (Section 157) – A churro bun with your choice of ice cream on top. Potential to be a 70-grade food item.

Cuban Burger (Sections 113 and 528) – Take the Cuban sandwich you order and put it on a hamburger. This burger is one of the items I got to try, and it’s a solid addition. Good pork to burger ratio and it tastes just like a Cuban sandwich. I would put more mustard on it, but that’s my preference. Solid 55-grade food item.

Three new Johnsonville Specialty Sausages (Sections 126 and 535)

  • The Slurve – Cheddar beer bratwurst with deli mustard and a healthy amount of grilled onions. Taste testing this was a mistake as I could have eaten three of them. Will be part of my regular food rotation at the ballpark even though I do miss Bobak’s. 60-grade food item.
  • The Change Up: Monterrey jack chicken sausage with salsa.
  • The Cutter: Chorizo with guacamole and cotija cheese.

New Ballpark Features

Last season, the Craft Kave was a massive hit with the ability to purchase 75+ different beers and the all-new burger menu. For 2018, the Chicago White Sox are adding a second Craft Kave near section 542 that will have 50 different craft beer selections.

In section 142, the White Sox will have a new food stand called Grab ‘n’ Go. This new food stand will feel like stopping at an airport kiosk where fans can purchase ready-to-eat items. PNC Park in Pittsburgh has something similar and was a convenient place to buy beer in case the craft beer lines were long.

The White Sox will be one of the first MLB teams to have a virtual reality batting case. Watching others try it out and I think it’d be more entertaining to watch than try to play the game. Fans will get 90 seconds to try and hit as many home runs as possible while also trying to set that day’s longest blast.

Finally, as it was announced by the Chicago Tribune earlier this week, Revolution Brewing will have a tap room at Guaranteed Rate Field. If you remember the Miller Lite space in the left field corner, this will be the home to many variations of Revolution beer. Also occupying this space will be the #SoxSocial Lounge where fans can check-in using MLB’s Ballpark app for prizes and at times play the tweet vending machine game. With the tap room and social lounge merged, kids are allowed. The new Revolution Brewery Taproom will be completed by the White Sox home opener.

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Patrick Nolan

I’m probably a dolt for this, and probably it’s also because I’ve never actually seen a place to buy all the fancy new food they advertise each year (likely due to club level restrictions), but they keep offering new stuff and I still find myself buying brats, peanuts, and beer (sometimes good beer, depending on the line).

I did the bacon-on-a-stick a couple years ago but I think that’s about been it for me doing unique food items at the GRate (usually, getting something close and quickly available trumps stumbling around for rarer stuff). I did a better job experimenting in Washington, where I cared less about the actual game.

Patrick Nolan

oh I see what’s up. you’re all like “you know what you like. nothing wrong with that” ’til some bloke plops some ketchup on a hot dog then you’re strapping on your guns for war.


Yes, there are limits to our freedoms. Ketchup on hot dogs, Packer fandom, or membership in the American Nazi party. All unforgivable.


I love watching my Packers with a hot dog slathered in ketchup.


…while burning the American Flag, yes we’re aware.


For me it kinda depends on when I arrive. If I’m there a half hour before first pitch, I’m more likely to walk around. If I’m getting there right about first pitch, I’m grabbing something at a stand near my seats.

With the proliferation of good beer stands last year (in addition to the main craft beer stands, and the Xfinity bar down the right field line, the breweries with marketing deals each had their own stand-alone thing somewhere in the 100 level) it made it pretty easy to get something good without much of a wait at all.


I get conflicted. As it is so rare for me to see a game live, I don’t want to miss a single pitch. But I also want to experience all the ballpark has to offer. And I would have to make the experience fun for the wife and daughter.

I usually err on the side of making it fun for them, though it agonizes me to be standing in line and watching something exciting happen on the tv screen rather than from my seat.


Was waiting for this post. So stoked to try these. Maybe I’ll even try to find a game to go to the club level to get that southside horseshoe!


Josh, do you know if there’s a place on the 100 Level to get a Turkey Burger? Used to have them at The Burger Barn, but no more. -asking for a friend.

Rex Fermier

While you’re checking on that, could you also check to see if they still have the bacon in a stick, please?


Not quite a turkey burger, but the deli in the 100 level near the RF foul pole has some great options. I think on halfway to Christmas or halfway to Thanksgiving or something, they did a “Leftovers” sandwich that had carved turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce.


Now I’m hungry and feeling envy. I wish I could go one day.


The Johnsonvilles are the only ones really piquing my interest. I’m a one brat, one polish and I’m good sort of ballpark eater. Horseshoes are an abomination, though probably because I don’t like French fries.