Sporcle Saturday: Opening Day starters, part I

Hey, gang. Today kicks off the first in a four-part series looking at Opening Day lineups for the White Sox. Here’s how it’s going to work: each Saturday leading up to Opening Day, you’ll be quizzed on a group of positions; then, the Saturday after Opening Day will be a cumulative exam in which you’ll be asked to fill out each Opening Day lineup going back to 1990. While I was hoping to go back to 1980, Sporcle only allows 300 entries in a quiz, thus the 1990 limitation. Today, we’re going to be looking at the corner infield spots. How many Opening Day first and third basemen starters can you name? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • As always, first and last names accepted, in addition to just the last names.
  • I’ve given you ten minutes to attempt completion.
  • As hints I’ve provided the date and the position of the player, and names are grouped by year.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • The highest Win Probability Added from the players on this list was from 1B in 2008: .210; 1/5 with a double and two RBI in an 10-8 loss to the Indians.
  • The lowest Win Probability Added from the players on this list was also from 1B in 2003: -.212; 0-3 with a strikeout and a GIDP in a 3-0 loss to the Royals.
  • None of the players on this list have hit more than one home run on Opening Day.

All data from baseballreference.com

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I got 50, which is great for me. A few names I missed I am glad to have forgotten about.


Got em all with 7:08 to spare. Would’ve been under 2 if I didn’t have to think about

josh fields
for a minute.


I got 61% because 3B is a haze for me.


84%. I can spell Gillaspie, but not Teahen. Okay, now I can. 


49. I couldn’t remember many of the post

and pre-
3B. Missed one of the post-
3B. There’s a lot more instability at the hot corner than at first.


Rich Lindberg’s history of the Sox isn’t called Who’s On Third? for nothing!

Right Size Wrong Shape

Just read that again a few months ago. It was a big help on a few of these quizzes.


56/56 with 7:27 left. Had 49 within the first minute, in no small part because 3-4 of the Sox’ most accomplished players fill up a lot of lines.

Ah, the 1990 1B. I remember when he was going to be the next big thing…

Patrick Nolan

Missed the 1990 first baseman but otherwise got the rest. Disappointing result given that this is the Era That Matters.


51/56, 91%. That’s an A. My day has peaked. Strutting around the house, bragging to the family. The kids are actively avoiding me.



Right Size Wrong Shape

That’s a B+ where I come from.


I hope you burned that school to the ground.

Patrick Nolan

A-, clownshoes

Brett R. Bobysud

55/56. Only missed the 1B from 1990, who honestly, I’ve never heard of.


47/56. I remembered the obscured 1990 1B, I think, because I remember his baseball card. Actually, I typed him in as a 3B, and when I looked him up I learned that: a) he died at the age of 40; and b) he hit the ball that bounced off Jose Canseco’s head and landed into the stands for a HR.


“obscure” I mean…

52/56. Forgot about

Morel, Wilson and Martinez