Luis Robert will miss the rest of Spring Training

Luis Robert’s grand slam against Cincinnati is one of the great moments of this year’s Spring Training. Unfortunately, that will be the last of seeing Robert this spring.

During that game against the Reds, Robert injured his thumb sliding into second base. While not considered a significant injury at first, he did hit the grand slam with his injured thumb; the diagnoses is now a sprain of the ligament in his thumb.

With the White Sox announcing his approximate timetable to return, it puts Robert back on the field playing games at the earliest mid-May. Paired with Micker Adolfo not able to play in the field nursing his elbow injury, it will give other outfielders in the logjam at Winston-Salem and Birmingham a head start to separate themselves from the pack.

Some good news, Eloy Jimenez could be playing in tomorrow’s game against Arizona. Might be best to tape some bubble wrap around him just in case.


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Is he a head-first slider? I didn’t see that play. Hate the head-first slide. 


It was a feet-first slide.


Good grief


I blame Avi.


And thanks, Josh. But I cannot bring myself to LIKE this article.


My hope for 2018 was for a year of prospect development. The early returns on prospect health are horrid.


Hope this means Robert starts the year in Kann. Because Avi was not in this game, I’m shifting the blame to Saladino. His back is clearly holding up by sapping the health from all around him.


How come the fringe guys never get hurt?


This is almost like that episode of The Simpsons “Homer at the Bat”, One by One they are dropping like flies or nagged by injuries in this case,Rodon missing the start of 17 and 18,Burdi getting TJ, Burger tearing achillies and to a lesser extent Hansen (Forearm). Hopefully Jimenez doesn’t reaggravate anything and Giolito,Kopech,Fulmer and Lopez stay healthy or I’m probably gonna start punching through walls.

Trooper Galactus

Somebody needs to make sure Kopech shaves those sideburns!


He also looks like a girl, Now Nicky Delmonico,There’s a haircut you can set your watch to !!!

Patrick Nolan


Patrick Nolan

Baseball reference added pitch framing metrics; Castillo’s 2017 did not show a marked improvement over his previous seasons using this measure.

Not sure what to make of this yet, of anything.

Patrick Nolan

Rszc is the measure


His framing measure for 2017 is worse than the two previous years. I thought they were supposed to be better last year?


Could’ve waited a day before dumping more Sox Fest buzz-harshing spring training dour on us, PNoles.


Having very little knowledge of how the different framing metrics are calculated, StatCorner’s framing stats seem to concur with the dour

tommytwonines    They mention Castillo halfway down the page for his improved pitch framing. 


That was his point. That’s what this new data contradicts.


Ok. I’m not assuming everyone reading these comments knows about the positive numbers for framing in Baseball Prospectus for Castillo. No one mentioned it in this comment area yet , although it’s been brought up elsewhere. That’s all. 

Patrick Nolan

It will be interesting to see if/how BP’s numbers differ from the other measures this season.

BP controls for far more variables in their model. It’s possible that it picked up on real improvement from Castillo that was missed by the other measures for some sort of external reason. Coming into 2018, there’s no reason I can think of that we should expect the two measures to differ greatly (they might if Castillo has particularly favorable/unfavorable circumstances around his framing) again, especially given that he’s changed teams.

I think it’s a little discouraging / reason for concern, but we’ve gotta see how things unfold in 2018 to be sure. If Castillo’s garbage again, BP’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do about that one-year blip.


BP doesn’t have any explaining to do if it’s just one player … if their model is significantly off for several notable players, then yeah

Patrick Nolan

It is more than one player. They’ve come up with notably different answers than StatCorner for a lot of guys. Tyler Flowers was another example a few years back.


Your previous comment was solely on Castillo so I naturally took issue. But I guess that’s not the case , thank you for clarifying.

Patrick Nolan

Regardless, even if it was just one player, and if Castillo’s 2017 FRAA number is an errant blip (not saying this is the case) I think it needs to be understood why it happened. It’s a computer program, and if something weird happens once, it’ll happen again.


Of course and my first comment does not contradict 

If I remember correctly, this is the third time in his short Sox career that he has been hurt sliding. Is he doing something wrong?


Man, he missed time at least twice in the Dominican League as well. I’m not saying he’s Derrick Rose, just something to note. I think he hurt his ankle sliding once as well. Definitely something he needs to work on when he does get back. The good news is he looked really good in his short amount of time this spring.


Very nice outing for Lucas.


Are we certain Camelback wasn’t built on some sort of burial ground?


Well welcome back Eloy at least

injury gods taketh and giveth
heres to a speedy 110% recovery for Robert