Soriano deal proves why White Sox, Boras don't mix

Rafael Soriano, who was somewhat of a popular name for some around these parts, has signed with the New York Yankees for three years and $35 million. More importantly, the contract he signed is exactly the reason why Kenny Williams prefers to avoid Scott Boras clients whenever possible.
Soriano, plainly put, has all the leverage. The contract is for three years, but Soriano can opt out at any point in between. So it’s up to him as to whether he’d like to make $11.5 million, $21.5 million instead of the whole $35 million.
Contrast this contract to the work Williams did with his offseason signings. Adam Dunn and A.J. Pierzynski backloaded their contracts, and so did Jesse Crain to a smaller extent. Then you have Paul Konerko, who deferred quite a bit of money. All of those players are getting paid their market value or thereabouts, but they made some concessions to allow Williams and Rick Hahn to get the numbers straight.
Hell, imagine what Mark Buehrle’s negotiations would have looked like in 2007 if Boras steered him. That contract included less money than he would have received on the open market, and he ended up only getting partial no-trade protection counterbalanced by a poison pill. Boras would have probably offered roughly, I dunno, none of those those compromises.
Soriano’s contract concedes nothing. It’s the kind of contract that only the Yankees and Red Sox could absorb, so they’re better off having him. Nevertheless, the next time you start to consider the White Sox pursuing a marquee Boras client, remember this deal. This is why it never happens.
Need more reasons? Check out Jerry Crasnick’s interview with Boras:

“These guys are star players,” Boras said. “They’re championship-caliber players. Owners and general managers know they have extraordinary abilities, and they can be a force in the locker room and around young players. Those are things that most veteran players don’t offer.”
Manny as mentor and clubhouse healer? Who knew?

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Beckham also chipped in on the oney controversy, although more indirectly than thornton.


Soriano was a bad fit anyway but yeah, this is another reason why I’m glad they didn’t do it.


The Yankees also lose their 1st round draft pick.
Tampa is going to have about 10 draft picks this year before the 3rd round even starts. And this year’s draft is supposed have a depth of good players.


Typical Boras deal, a three year contact with the ability for the player to opt out after each year!! YIKES!! Only the Yanks would agree to this type of lunacy. Why not a late reporting date (like May 1) so Raphy would not have to pitch in cold NY in April??