Reading room: Guillen, Teahen and Torres

As promised, here’s a lot of reading material for the rest of our off day:
*Ozzie Guillen used his pre-game soap box to ask why Latino ballplayers don’t have interpreters readily available for them like Japanese ballplayers do, and also said that Major League Baseball doesn’t pay much attention to PED usage by the players cycled through these academies.
It’s not a perfect comparison, considering Latin Americans comprise roughly a third of baseball’s talent. But the heart of Guillen’s argument jives with a recent Time article about some of the deplorable conditions in the Dominican schools. That’s a great read, too, and the Cubs don’t come out looking too good. The Sox don’t either, unfortunately. They’re not listed by name, but the skimming scandals are touched upon, and Dave Wilder is one of the biggest offenders.
*’s Jorge Arangure offers a textured counterpoint saying some of Guillen’s arguments are outdated, but he’s a lot closer to a bull’s-eye when it comes to his points about PED usage. He also says Guillen may be remembered in history for being “Latin American players’ guardian angel.”
This seems like a good enough time to recommend the move “Sugar” again.
*Larry tries to figure out how the White Sox will juggle their roster. Carlos Torres will likely start one of the doubleheader games, so this might be the opportunity to promote Chris Sale. Torres could replace Erick Threets, and Sale could replace Torres.
*Mark Teahen probably won’t factor into this flurry, as he’s expected to return later in the week. Ozzie Guillen says that Teahen will be a utility guy, but he hasn’t played defense during his rehab starts. Hopefully one of them will be at first, if you know what I mean.
*Brent Lillibridge is looking for a new profile pic, so I put one together for him.

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If you’re a fan, feel free to voice your support.
*J.J. at White Sox Examiner can’t get over how well Omar Vizquel played in July.
*Speaking of Larry and J.J., I’ll throw another link out the new episode of Oral Sox featuring all of us.
*Erik at Pale Hose Pariah shows what Dayan Viciedo has been doing with pitches outside the strike zone. He’s either ready to be exploited, or a Vladimir Guerrero reprisal.
*Matt Thornton praised Tony Pena’s versatility. Pena’s true value is tough to figure out, but he’s been given a lot of garbage and has taken it all in stride.
*Guillen isn’t counting out Detroit, and says the Tigers are “one good week” from being back in it.


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“Ozzie Guillen says that Teahen will be a utility guy, but he hasn’t played defense during his rehab starts.”
That’s no worry, he didn’t play defense before the injury either. HEY-O!
Also, as good as your Lil’ Bridge avatar is, I have submitted my own design. Mine is a bit more flattering, which has me at an immediate disadvantage:


I think both pictures are fantastic, but Lily’s mother phoned me to ask why we are making fun of the White Sox’ best hitter??


Do you think Kenny went to Ozzie and said “Hey, you haven’t had a headline grabbing outburst in a while – how about you let off some steam” while looking nervously at Daniel Hudson’s empty locker?


I think that is the most likely cause. However I must say I completely agree with Ozzie Guillen. The people of Central and Latin America have been exploited like this for centuries, this is just a modern day example.
Not saying that other ethnicities are not exploited in baseball, however it is not to the same degree. A player from Asia is not going to be as “desperate” therefore less willing to deal with crap conditions or work.
Furthermore, the Asian players are seen as more of a investment rather then a prospect, which the Majors and Minors are full of.