This 'Bridge wasn't burned

If Brent Lillibridge’s Twitter comes true, it looks like an old friend is joining the White Sox:

Getting to Chi could not be hardr flight cancll, switch to another flight delay 2 hours back to Charlotte. So can’t fly out til tomorrow.

No official announcement has been made, but in this universe in which Lillibridge has a good reason to fly to Chicago, he would replace Mark Teahen and his injured finger.
Lillibridge’s presence could be harbinger of doom, as the streaky Teahen has hit .350/.413/.500 over his last 13 games.  I don’t see Jayson Nix, Omar Vizquel and Lillibridge combining for a run like that.
On the other hand, I’ve softened a little bit on Lillibridge.  Obviously, the guy has a superior sense of humor to any other ballplayer on Twitter.

Tyler Flowers capped off a terrible month with two more strikeouts, giving him this line for May:

.122/.215/.280, 10 BB, 36 K in 82 AB

As the K’s piled up, I had a suspicion — or maybe just a hope — that he was changing his style.  That appears to be the case:

Those changes were implemented by Flowers. But with all due respect to the organization, Flowers wants to somewhat return to a more familiar style that made him previously successful.
“At the point where I’ve tried doing it their way this last month, sadly enough the numbers speak for themselves, and that way doesn’t totally work,” Flowers said. “I have to go back to the old me. I have to go back to my style of hitting, while implementing the little things Walk [White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker] and Kenny talked about.
“I’m about being a little more aggressive. I haven’t been happy with not driving balls anywhere, especially to right field. I’m not driving them like I can and why Kenny traded for me. I’ve lost that since spring. It has even been frustrating in batting practice. But I think I found where that piece was missing. I’m pumped up to get my game going and get my timing back and get rolling.”

The obvious joke here is that Greg Walker can ruin a hitter in seconds, but reading between the lines, I wonder if the Sox have ever truly entertained trading A.J. Pierzynski.
I’m thinking that if they were truly interested in having Flowers ready enough to take over, they would have saved it until the offseason.  Ramon Castro has proven that he’s not durable enough to catch every day, so I’m guessing June 14 will pass with Pierzynski still on the South Side.  I’ve been wrong about these things before, though.
Tropicana Field isn’t the worst ballpark I’ve ever been to.  That honor still belongs to Shea Stadium, which did everything it could to make me miserable.
The Trop is the saddest, though, no matter how you approach it.
It has a ramshackle feeling from the outside, and the narrow, winding concourse with no access to baseball views but plenty of flashing lights and alcoves reminded me of Gurnee Mills.
When you get to the seat, it improves some.  The sight lines aren’t bad — I could read the chances a flyball or line drive had off the bat — and I was thankful it was 72 degrees instead of the 90s.
But there’s a bizarre paradox at play.  It looks like they’re playing baseball in a high school gym.  Every other dome has levels upon levels in the outfield, but Tropicana Field has only one section of seats that is overwhelmed by a towering, gray mass of concrete.
Despite the park’s layout making it seem smaller, everything sounded distant.  I thought the cowbells would bother me, but they sounded like they were in another room.  When the PA system dropped out, I could talk in all directions without raising my voice — and my voice doesn’t carry.
Attendance wasn’t the problem.  They drew a respectable 26,878 on Sunday.   It could be that the fans weren’t into it, but I think there were some acoustic issues.  The deadened atmosphere almost makes the cowbells a necessity.
There’s a photo gallery of the day’s events on the Facebook page.
Minor league roundup:

  • Pawtucket 4, Charlotte 1
    • Carlos Torres struck out 10 over 6 1/3 innings, allowing a run on three hits and two walks.
    • Tyler Flowers went 1-for-4 with two strikeouts.
    • Jordan Danks went 1-for-3 with his 10th stolen base.
  • Birmingham 10, Tennessee 1
    • Brent Morel went 2-for-5 with a double and three RBI.
    • Christian Marrero went 1-for-4 with a double and a strikeout.
  • Potomac 4, Winston-Salem 3
    • Nevin Griffith allowed two runs on six hits and four walks over six innings, striking out five.
    • Jon Gilmore and Brandon Short each went 1-for-4 with a strikeout; Short doubled.
    • Justin Greene had a single and a strikeout over three at-bats.
  • Charleston vs. Kannapolis PPD
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Excellent pics. Nailed the “ambience” of the Trop. And the only reason you missed me at the end was because I am like Keyser Soze – “Poof”.
And I concur with The Bridge: Getting in/our of Charlotte is a bitch. Perhaps they could keep him longer.


I like the pictures and description of the Trop.
Any thoughts on how it compares to the Metrodome? I can’t bring myself to believe there is a worse venue than the baggydome.
Oh, and you’re right WU, you are a “poof”


Well I havent softened on Lillbrdige he is dog shit and the fact he is back on a major league roster is an indictment of noone else in the minors stepping up and the 25 man roster not being deep at all. Mark Teahen is bad, but he is MLB bad, not AAA bad. Nix, Vizquel, Lillbridge are AAA bad, they cant handle playing daily in a platoon or whatever. Why not give Viciedo two weeks to showcase himself, he is the hottest guy in our system and could add a little spark.
BTW, is it sad I was practically giddy that the sox went freaking 4-3 on a 7 game roadtrip, are my expectations that low….


Mine are, I constantly caught myself thinking “they did pretty good this week”. Taking two against the Rays is a pretty good thing, however I’m not going to allow this to carry over to tonights game.
Anyways, I have no idea what I am going to do after the Hawks win (yes I am that confident). Hopefully this World Cup is good.


Exactly right. Lillibridge is EXHIBIT A in how brilliantly the team has developed the next wave of players from the Minors — as this is the same hitless piece of stink we wasted ABs on last year.
Never thought I’d missed Teahen, but you are spot-on again. He’s Major League bad and the rest are Minor League bad, though let’s be generous and say Vizquel’s seen better days.


If there is a wholesale house-cleaning with the SOX, it should start with Guillen. These are major league ballplayers. They only need a field manager who pays attention to the entire game; motivates through positive comments and energy; and understands how to “manage” his starting pitchers. THEN – Reinsdorf needs to replace Williams. All of his bonehead moves the past 3 off-seasons have positioned this ballclub to go only one direction: Downward! WIth the payroll the SOX are obligated for, they should expect more from their players’ performances. Dye is STILL available. Jettison enough of the payroll, bring him back for the remainder of this year; Trade whatever they can and hope to re-build this franchise back into contention. Thanks to KW & OG, that’s going to take 3-5 years, but unless these changes are made – this club will look and play more like the cubbies, and frankly – 2-major league losers are one too many. Jerry: Where are you?


I don’t really know what bringing back Dye will do. This season is most likely lost, why not save the money for something else. If they need to bring up some pop then bring up either Viciedo and give him a shot. Its time he sees some major league bats at some point.
Remember, Jerry is loyal to a fault.


After tonight’s fifth inning, I’d like to see Ozzie canned too. You just call your team out and tell them this is a make or break homestand. So in the first game of said homestand, you leave you starter in way past his effectiveness and blow a four run lead. Buerhle’s getting hit the whole game. Why does Ozzie feel he needs to get another batter or two out of his starter — WITH THE ENTIRE BULLPEN READY AFTER A DAY OFF!!!! Isn’t this the most important part of a manager’s job? To know when to make a pitching change? Ozzie gets an A for ASSHOLE. Don’t matter if we come back and win this game or not. If we win it, just means the manager made the team win the same game twice. What a freakin’ joke Ozzie is.


It was the 6th inning, not the 5th, obviously. It was nice Ozzie made sure we lost by giving away another run by throwing Randy in there after we closed it to one run. Too bad Ozzie’s DH Kotsay shit the house every time up today and left about 10 guys on base. Oh well, Another fan-killing disaster in a season of many.


Last we heard wasn’t Jermaine Dye happy about being home and not working out?


I also hope the White Sox never fire Ozzie. Since the importance/role of a manager is completely overrated, might as well be a dude who says hilarious stuff.


I would rather see Morel brought up, but could Kenny be shielding him as he could be used as a trading chip later this summer. I have nor doubt that our fearless GM ‘goes for it’ and attempts some foolish moves to nibble away a 12 game defict.


I was at the Trop two years ago when Danks beat Edwin Jackson. That was the only game the Sox won out of 4. So taking 2 out of 4 this time pleased me.
The Trop is a terrible place for baseball. Just awful. Funny that they draw 27,000 now but two years ago announced attendance I believe was like 11,000 but there couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 thousand. You could literally sit wherever you wanted and a local told me that up until the 07 season you could walk up and pay 5 dollars to sit anywhere in the building.


Teahen on the dl made me think of two things. First, if it becomes a somewhat long term problem,and vizquel winds up not doing anything at the plate for an extended period of time and nix gets the majority of the at-bats, do you think there’s any chance that he plays second while Beck goes back to third? i know they probably don’t want to mess with his psyche right now, and if i were manager i wouldn’t want to either, but nix seems to be a lot more comfortable at second than he is a third. And according to UZR, there isn’t much of a difference from beckham at second or third. And second, Crede is still a free agent. I don’t know if he’s healthy, but we caught lightning in a bottle with pods last year… Might as well dream that the same thing can happen with crede.


The teams problem is OBP. Crede would be a defensive up only if his back holds out. It probably won’t hold out.


The comments section seems to have been taken over by irate Score meatballs. All that is missing is an unprovoked anti-Cubs rant about attendence.




We couldn’t run an add that said no Portugese… but no Portugese…