Happy pitchers and catchers, book month

February is here, so here’s a look at the back cover of White Sox Outsider 2010:

The back’s design, like the front’s, is by Carl Skanberg.
A few links while all my rowdy friends and I continue to edit like mad:
*Larry lists the White Sox’s top 31 prospects according to Baseball America, and gives some reasoning behind theirs.
*Mark Teahen brings a sixth tool to the White Sox: camraderie.  So that’s why Jim Thome isn’t back.
*J.J. looks at some potential power-hitting trade candidates.

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Nice! What’s the ETA Jim?


estimated time of arrival


lol, I know what it stands for, I was wondering what the ETA for the book was 🙂




Im not a huge fan of prospect lists, they occur way to much undeserved hype. However, I think its nice for fans to have atleast a guideline about some of the up and coming players. My lists would generally use potential and the “what have you proven” aspects of my scouting world. Guys like Flowers and Hudson would certainly rank ahead of a guy like Mitchell for me in that reguard, but I would have mitchell third since I think he spews upside and baseball talent. I would severly downgrade soft throwing right hand relief types reguardless of lower leven success and I would be hard pressed to consider guys who cant hit at the lower levels prospects at all despite outstanding glovework.
I think Flowers has been hurt by the fact he was traded, seems like evaluators factor in the “well if he was tradable” he must not be that great aspect which is pretty stupid / flawed logic.


Especially when Brian McCann was blocking him in the ATL


I take it the book will be published by March then…. I need something to read at the airport.


At least one projection system favors the White Sox to win the Central (http://rlyw.blogspot.com/2010/01/extremely-early-2010-mlb-projected.html). Although, I share the commentators skepticism for our offensive numbers improving over last year…but we’re also not giving away at-bats to Wise, Fields, BA, etc.


Not bad, there arent a lot of major gripes in this projection for me, minus the angels being a below 500 team they have done that what once or twice in the decade. Play the odds they will find a way to win 85-89 games.


Don’t quite understand the Teahen article. Kenny is focusing on getting “the right mix” of guys, which is why he explains that he traded for Teahan. Cabrera and Swisher were on the team that won the division and obviously they weren’t the right mix (according to Kenny). And the argument about team chemistry is completely subjective. I hope I’m wrong about Teahen, but I’m not buying what Kenny is selling in this case.
Was Ken Griffey Jr part of “the right mix?”


Jim, I could be wrong, but isn’t today also the 4th birthday of Sox Machine? You sure aren’t lying when you talk about how busy you are!