Jenks, Quentin get paid

It looks like Bobby Jenks will be part of the SoxFest lineup after all.

Let's hope he didn't hurt his back again.
Jenks and Carlos Quentin avoided arbitration by agreeing to injury settlements terms with the Sox, leaving John Danks and Tony Pena as the only arbitration-eligible players remaining.
Jenks will be making $7.5M, a salary that will be pretty hard for him to live up to unless he can rediscover his 2007 form. That puts him on track for an eight-figure salary in 2011.
Quentin, meanwhile, will be making $3.2 million in 2010.  Despite the injury issues, he’s actually comfortably ahead of where he would have been had he accepted the same deal Gavin Floyd did, roughly $500,000 so.
Danks stands a great shot of getting the Mark Buehrle treatment — somewhere along the lines of three years with a club option, $20 million or so guaranteed.  After the Mike MacDougal fiasco, I’m guessing they’re going to want to go year-to-year with Pena.
How serious were the Sox about Roy Halladay?  According to the Toronto Star, they gave it a good run against impossible odds:

In fact, according to a source, it was only after returning home from the winter meetings with their short list of final offers from interested teams that the Jays found out their month-long dealings with teams like the White Sox, Cubs, Dodgers and Rays had been exercises in futility. [..] According to sources, the most competitive offers for Halladay came from clubs he was ultimately unwilling to go to – the Chisox, Cubs and Dodgers. Heading to the meetings, Anthopoulos had not asked for a list of teams to which his ace would accept a trade. He could then honestly approach everyone and find out what they had to offer without feeling he was leading them on.

It’s not like it was ever going to happen, but it’s fun picturing Jake Peavy and Halladay in the same rotation. Thanks to Brent for the link via Facebook.

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I have a hard time understanding why the Sox would make a serious run for Halladay, unless they intended to flip him to another team. Sure, you can never have too much pitching, and it’s fun to fantasize about the Halladay-Peavy-Buhrle-Floye-Danks rotation. But Halladay would have cost a ton of money to keep, and it makes more sense to spend money on the offense at this point.


That would have been awesome if we landed Halladay. You gotta think that same offer is available for AGon.


I think Halladay wanted a big market team (New York or Boston) that would pay him (on a renegotiated deal) the Sox would not do that esp the way they treated Buehrle during the contract year. Kenny and Jerry have to have some faith with pitchers and contracts (Find a way to reward pitchers if doing good and minimizing risk if going bad) Mark could win 300 games but I don’t think it will be as a Sox considering the way they treated him.


“Find a way to reward pitchers if doing good and minimizing risk if going bad”
Is that possible? Long term contracts are risks, by nature. I’m not saying it’s prudent to never sign a pitcher long term, but I can certainly understand their hesitance.
And as for Buehrle, I doubt there is any real bad blood there.

The Cheat

I imagine if we had Halladay AND Peavy we’d have to suffer through a season with Omar Vizquel at DH… Oh wait


I wonder what kind of package was proposed? The Sox just don’t have the same prospect depth as the Phils. This leads me to believe that an arbitration eligible Danks would have to be included to make the package realistic. I agree with Jim that Beckham was almost certainly not a part of the deal, but where does that leave us? Something like Danks, Flowers, Morel? Maybe Viciedo, considering the Jays ended up with a similar player in Brett Wallace?