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Chris Pummer

Dumb. Just dumb.


Does the Sox’ best lineup have De Aza in center and Q@DH? The ADA seems much more likely to actually reach replacement level than the Jones/Kotsay/Vizquel DH death panel, plus it lets Pierre move to left. Just a thought.


White Sox went 15-9 after trading him, so it’s not like his absence will kill them.


That was with quentin/dye DHing though, not vizquel and kotsay


God this makes me mad. I just want one quote or explanation from ozzie or kenny explaining why this was the right move statistically. “There’s just not enough at bats for him,” doesn’t count. I feel like ozzie was excited about being able to be creative with the DH spot and essentially forced kenny to agree with him even though it is painfully obvious that that isn’t the best way to get production out of the spot. Not having at bats for him doesn’t make sense unless he had him slotted behind kotsay against right handed hitters. Essentially what this is is choosing nix over thome for the 25th roster spot, nothing else would have changed if we had signed him.


I like how leadoff hitter became a “position” prioritized this offseason while an actual position, DH, was neglected


Long time reader, love your site. As for the DH situation if no other moves are to be made this current setup makes little sense. Upgrading this awful offense had to be at the top of many sox fans wishlist. Granted subtracting ab from guys like Fields and Wise should help but a committee of Jones/Kotsay looks like a good bet to fail.
A platoon of Thome vs righties (.897 OPS with the Sox last year) and Jones/Kotsay/etc vs lefties makes almost too much sense. However Ozzie has fallen in love with speed, unfortunately our torrid DH tandum will likely not be on base enough for it to even matter.


There was a bit in Cowley’s latest ( http://www.suntimes.com/sports/baseball/whitesox/2010956,thome-not-coming-back-sox-012510.article ) that gives me hope:
>Although Guillen did say that if Thome were to be out there still come spring training and the current plan of DH-by-committee wasn’t working, well, bringing him back would be revisited.
>“We might see in spring training that we’re missing a piece and go get him,’’ Guillen said. “But hopefully Jim is not waiting that long. Hopefully Jim has found a job.’’
While I would never wish ill for the Gentleman Masher, I’m expecting the three horsemen of the apocalypse (pestilence, famine, and death- clearly none will be WAR) to be pretty obviously not working, and quite early in the year. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll wait for us. I’m sure waiting for him.