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A bit of an overpay, but not nearly as bad as I feared. There were better price/upside values out there. Just amazing that in a year of limited reasources they’ve spent all this money on depth and still haven’t filled their biggest hole.


Not bad at all. If, for some reason, we’re not in contention and he’s been healthy and effective we can flip him to a contender for some good prospects. If we are contending then he should be a good replacement for Dotel at less cost and, hopefully, more effectiveness. I agree with you bigfun that it might be a bit high considering he hasn’t pitched much in two years, but the price for relievers has seemed high this year.


Hah, yeah, it’s a great deal compared to some of the other middle reliever contracts. But… if we’re using the Astros as a point of comparison, then everything Kenny does will look brilliant.
Bill James has a pretty rosy projection for Putz – 2.75 K/BB and a 3 ERA.


Bill James has a pretty rosy projection for just about everybody, doesn’t he? (Not meant to be snarky; it just seems like his projections are always the most optimistic.)


Yeah, that’s true (although I usually think of that being moreso for hitters than pitchers). I’m just looking for reasons to feel good about a guy who has seen his K/BB ratio degrade for four years straight.


I read that this could lead to us non tendering carrasco. Can someone explain the logic in that to me? It isn’t like he’s set for an enormous payday.


the guy threw about 90 innings of quality ball and is set to make peanuts how can you non tender him????
who originally reported that by the way????


Doubt it happens


Merkin. there’s an article on whitesox.com


Great pickup, nice gamble that I think will work out.


Putz knows what it takes to be successful out of the pen.
If he’s recovered, he gives the Sox an option of moving Jenks.
The bullpen needed upgrading and I’m glad he’s here.