Daniel Hudson, come on down (updated)

I’ll give Kenny Williams credit — his moves may not go over well with the mainstream media or a large percentage of the fan base, but it’s going to be pretty interesting for the baseball geeks among us.

Daniel Hudson, from Kannapolis to Chicago in one season.
Daniel Hudson, from Kannapolis to Chicago in one season.
While Ozzie Guillen was preparing to not use Bobby Jenks in a key late-inning situation in favor of Tony Pena once again, the Sox cut Dan Hudson’s start against Norfolk short to let him know he’s heading to the big leagues, according to The Daily Press (Newport News, Va.):

The 22-year-old pitcher, who starred at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach and at Old Dominion University, came back as a member of the Charlotte Knights and pitched three shutout innings against the Norfolk Tides. After the third inning, pitching coach Richard Dotson pulled Hudson out of the game and told him he was being called up to the majors by the Chicago White Sox.
“It couldn’t have happened in a better place,” Hudson said between games of a doubleheader. “To get the news here, at this park with all of my friends and family here, it’s crazy to think about.”

I had no strong feelings either way on a potential Hudson promotion. He hadn’t mastered Triple-A yet, as he still had some issues with efficiency, slider command and a very high flyball rate.  On the other hand, he had no problem limiting the damage, which is a skill that has served him well so far on his five-level climb:


But really, the biggest obstacle preventing a Hudson promotion was the 40-man roster. However, after trading Jim Thome and Jose Contreras, the White Sox have the room.

Otherwise, there aren’t compelling arguments against giving it a shot. Service time and options aren’t a concern with a mere September call-up, and since he’s joining the 40-man roster with Triple-A success under his belt, they haven’t over-accelerated his timetable in any way, arbitration-wise.

More on Hudson:

The Sox managed his workload well, also. Hudson's starts lasted only five and six innings over the last month, keeping his innings total under 150. Considering he threw 161 2/3 innings between Old Dominion and Great Falls last year, a couple big league starts (probably short ones with a pitch count) shouldn’t be particularly taxing.
It gives the Sox an opportunity to see if Hudson has a shot at starting the 2010 season at the back end of the big-league rotation. I would just hesitate to read too much into any September surprise. Lance Broadway shut down opponents in his first cup of coffee, and nobody reaped rewards from that success story.
Minor league roundup:

  • Charlotte 4, Norfolk 0 (Game 1, 7 innings)
    • Hudson struck out five over three innings, walking one and striking out one.
    • Kelvin Jimenez (2 IP), Fernando Hernandez (1 IP) and Jon Link (1 IP) finished the shutout.
    • Kent Gerst and Brady Shoemaker both drove in runs in their first Triple-A game, without a hit.
    • Stefan Gartrell doubled and drove in a run.
  • Norfolk 10, Charlotte 0 (Game 2, 7 innings)
    • Miguel Gonzalez went 1-for-3 with a strikeout in his first taste above rookie ball.
    • Gartrell, Shoemaker, and Gerst all went hitless.
    • Dutch Oven gave up seven runs over 3 1/3 innings.
    • Jhonny Nunez gave up a run on two hits over an inning, no walks or K’s.
  • Birmingham 1, Huntsville 0
    • Kyle McCulloch tossed seven excellent innings, scattering five hits and a walk while striking out two.
    • Clevelan Santeliz allowed a hit and a walk, but struck out two to nail down the save.
    • Dayan Viciedo went 2-for-4.
    • Jordan Danks (two strikeouts) and C.J. Retherford both went 0-for-4.
  • Salem 3, Winston-Salem 2 (Game 1, 7 innings)
    • Hat trick for Brent Morel, striking out three times in three at-bats.
    • Jacob Rasner tossed a quality start in defeat, allowing three runs on seven hits and two walks over six innings, striking out four.
    • Nathan Jones pitched a scoreless inning, allowing a hit.
  • Winston-Salem 6, Salem 1
    • Levi Maxwell struck out seven over six innings, allowing a run on six hits and a walk.
    • Justin Greene went 2-for-3 with an RBI; Brent Morel went 1-for-3 with a double.
    • Salvador Sanchez hit a two-run homer.
  • West Virginia 7, Kannapolis 3
    • Jon Gilmore doubled and drove in two runs.
    • Santos Rodriguez pitched a scoreless inning in his A-ball debut, allowing a hit and recording one strikeout.
    • Josh Phegley and Daniel Black each went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts.
    • James Albury was roughed up for five runs on seven hits and two walks over three innings.
  • Bristol 6, Elizabethton 4

    • Daniel Holmberg gave up three runs on eight hits over five innings. But he didn’t walk anybody and struck out three.
    • Two scoreless innings for Matthew Heidenreich; two hits, one strikeout.
    • Leighton Pangilinan went 2-for-4 with a homer and four RBI.
    • Misael Tavarez hit a solo shot; Harold Baines had two hits and drew a walk.
    • Trayce Thompson went 0-for-5, finishing the year with no hits in his last 18 at-bats.
  • Great Falls 16, Billings 5
    • Kevin Dubler went 2-for-3 with two walks, three RBI and three runs scored. He also stole his first base.
    • Jose Vargas doubled twice, singled, drove in two and scored two runs. He also stole home.
    • Kyle Colligan went 0-for-2 with four walks and two steals.
    • Nick Ciolli doubled, walked and drove in three.
    • Joucer Martinez struggled with the long ball: 3 IP, 6 H, 5 ER, 0 BB, 4 K , 2 HR.
    • Nelson Curry (4 IP, 2 H, 2 K) and Matt Hopps (2 IP, 2 H, 1 K) held Billings scoreless.

Two notes:
*Bristol’s season has come to a conclusion.
*Charlotte borrowed a few players from the lower levels to make up for the September call-ups: Shoemaker and Gerst (Dewayne Wise), Gonzalez (Tyler Flowers).

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That’s a huge jump for Shoemaker, isn’t it?


2 things, 1 Cuddyer hitting 500 vs danks is allowed to homer twice, macias is that the guys name is hitting 750 vs the sox and is allowed the game winning hit, smart!
2. Most important point of the year from Hawk Harrelson and I want to get everyone elses take on it. During the telecast the tv panned over to a view of Beckham, Hawk said something along the lines of “Just looking at Gordon I get the impression he really wants to say something but he knows he cant since he is a rookie.” He also mentioned something about him wearing the captains “c” someday.
This struck me as an emense comment from Hawk. It brings to light a point I have been all over for a while, Konerko isnt a vocal leader AT ALL. Dye, Thome, Buerhle, all extremely likable guys NOT LEADERS. Sure they lead by example and thats great but when a piss poor effort on a road trip like this happens who is gonna step up and say something and its obvious ITS NOONE.
Well I for one cant wait for some of the turnover of these guys because it seems they are at the end of the road anyways and its time for new leadership to unfold. There are guys in the league that numbers dont tell the story they bring that extra something to the table, its that extra something that the sox have been missing all year. I hope a guy like Beckham is the type of leader that can bring that together I really do. (Personally this is why I was absolutely in love with the idea of torii hunter a couple offseasons ago but hey 95 mil is a ton of money).


Can’t see Beckham as a rah-rah, though I’m sure anyone familiar with his tenure at Georgia would know. He does seem like a guy who puts experience to above-average use.
The whole “c” thing seems alien to mlb. It’s not like hockey where you need a “c” or “a” to represent your coach to the ref.


I have been pretty doom and gloom lately so I want to go ahead and commend the whitesox starters are being pretty outstanding this year.
Sox are number 1 in quality starts this year in the AL. And currently are number 4 in team ERA despite a so-so bullpen. These are two pretty outstanding numbers because of the lack of defense that has shortened many of the starters outings and the lack of bullpen which has raised that ERA. Throw in a lot of starts shared between Contreres, Egbert, Colon, Torres, ect that likely go to Peavy next year and you cant help but be really really exciting about atleast the starting pitching on this team for the next few years.


Not to pick nits…
“Hudson struck out five over three innings, walking one and striking out one.”


what’s the book on Hudson.
@knoxfire You never know what goes on in the locker room with Dye, Thome, or Konerko. I’m willing to bet that they aren’t very vocal but just because they don’t rant in front of the tv camera like Ozzie doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it behind the scenes. I actually doubt they are but you never know.
I agree with you too with the pitching staff. You throw in Peavy and Hudson? in 2010 and you’ll have something fun to watch. We just need a team that can score more that 3 runs. This offseason hot stove is going to be some fun!


lol. My bad.


stiker- that was kind of my point though, I dont know or even have a clue, BUT HAWK DOES, and for hawk to go on tv and say something like that really tells me its on his mind too
everyone- do i even need to point out the stupidity with starting castro today over flowers??? Or castro starting ever again in 2009? JUST DUMB


Are you seriously worried about Mark getting back on track? I think as a 10 year vet and polished all star level pitcher he will be just fine with Flowers out there moving forward.
Flowers is going to catch buerhle in 2010 or 2011, castro wont. It makes no sense not to get him in game action with MB starting right now in a perfect situation Minnesota still playing hard. Let alone im sure of a 0’fer day from Castro at the plate.


I’m with you on this Castro vs Flowers thing, but that was some double!


Knoxfire30, I think Bacon Spice proved some leadership skills today. I hope we’re not putting too much on this kid, but I feel he has a chance to be a face of the franchise type player.
Oh, by the way, Clayton Richard won again. I’m just sayin’.


The combo of NL West and Petco can make an AL 4th or 5th starter look great.
Do Richard fans forget how much he stunk it up in some of his starts this year?