Jon Jay finally surfaces on White Sox roster

After Odrisamer Despaigne’s second consecutive dud, Rick Renteria said the overmatched starter was “here until he’s not.”

Despaigne no longer “here.” The White Sox designated him for assignment, using the roster spot to recall Jon Jay from his rehab stint in Charlotte.

I’d say the dismissal of Despaigne throws the White Sox rotation into further chaos, but not really. For one, if Dylan Covey is able to return, he’s a better bet to throw a decent four-plus innings. Even if Covey isn’t fully functional, it became evident that a Despaigne start was a bullpen day by a different name regardless.

Jay will surface in the White Sox outfield after being out of the major-league plans for about four full months. His spring training was truncated by a vague hip/back/groin/leg issue that brought Brett Lawrie Syndrome to mind, but unlike Lawrie, a specific body part came into focus (hip), and he was actually able to complete a lengthy rehab stint. He played in 16 games between Birmingham and Charlotte, hitting a very Jay-like .333/.354/.365.

If he’s Jay-like at the majors, he’ll be a decent option for Rick Renteria at the top of the order against righties, as well as an above-average corner outfielder.

It would’ve been more poetic if he replaced Yonder Alonso, but Despaigne was one of two roster spots destined to give way, and the clock was ticking before his spot in the rotation came back around.

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Nice of the Sox to allow pals Jay and Alonso to play together for a couple days.



As Cirensica

NO, it is Jay!

Lurker Laura

“He’s here until he’s not” has to be my favorite Rick Renteria quote of all time. I mean, there’s not many contenders for that, because he’s not Ozzie, but it was an outstanding piece of passive-aggressive No Comment.

lil jimmy

So Jay is replacing a pitcher. I assume Leury moves into the rotation.

Lurker Laura

Sure, at this point, why not?


Lawrie and his rogue orthotics!


The Brewers just released Lawrie, in case the Sox want an ongoing rehabilitation project.

Lurker Laura

Hush, before the FO gets any idas.


If this front office was interested in my suggestions, Manny Machado would be on this team. Zack Greinke, too…


And both Greinke and Machado would be good enough to be in the starting rotation!

As Cirensica

And we would likely be in a WC spot


FanGraphs released a J2 top 40.
Sox are linked to 18th ranked, 22yo Cuban SS, Yolbert Sanchez. Good glove and wheels. Bat and power are question marks.

Sox would have to come up with $3.5mil to buy Josh Nelson favorite, Yiddi Cappe, away from a 2020 Marlins deal.


Yolbert. Great name.

lil jimmy

Yolbert, Yolmer’s likely replacement.
“Hi Yolmer. I’m your brother from another mother!”


Maybe Jay will start strong to be trade bait.Alonso or Pete sake we got the wrong one. Per Getz, Robert needs to work on pitch selection if that’s the case he should be up now. Same b.s. with Cease.


Maybe Cease will replace Despaigne in the rotation. Then Yonder can go.