White Sox 8, Cleveland 0: A Carlos Rodón no-hitter

What’s harder to believe: Carlos Rodón threw a no-hitter? Or that Carlos Rodón threw a no-hitter and it’s just the slightest bit disappointing?

Rodón took a perfect game into the ninth before a 1-2 slider clipped Roberto Perez on the toe with one out. Rodón recovered to strike out Yu Chang on a generous inside corner from Doug Eddings, but the Perez blip brought White Sox nemesis Jordan Luplow to the plate one more time.

True to his billing, the lefty-killing Luplow made him work, as Rodón alternated strikes and balls over the first seven pitches. On the eighth, Luplow hit a hot shot to the left side, but it was right to Yoán Moncada, who fired across the diamond to seal the 20th no-hitter in White Sox history.

One inning in, the offense seemed like it would be the story. The White Sox took all the frustrations from Shane Bieber the night before and unloaded them on Zach Plesac, Amed Rosario slipped trying to plant on Adam Eaton’s one-hopper to yield an infield single, and the floodgates slowly but surely gave way. Luis Robert singled, and after a José Abreu flyout, so did Yoán Moncada for the game’s first run.

Two pitches later, Yermín Mercedes drove in three by himself with a Dan Ryan-threatening blast over the White Sox bullpen for a 4-0 lead. Yet while Zack Collins grounded out for the second out, Andrew Vaughn kept the inning alive with a double, Josh Naylor couldn’t haul in Leury Garcia’s warning track drive for another double, and Nick Madrigal chased him home with a single to cap the six-run first.

The Sox tacked on a couple more in the third courtesy of a Robert ground-rule double and a bases-loaded HBP of Moncada, and then the offense yielded the floor to Rodón.

Much like his first start, Rodón used fastball command to set the tone, with a velocity that gained steam over the course of the evening. Unlike his first start, he had his full complement of secondary pitches. The changeup was a presence early, the slider showed up later, and he even went 3-for-3 with strike-grabbing curveballs. Yet the fastball remained his meal ticket, getting 12 of his 19 swinging strikes and reaching 99 mph in the ninth.

The White Sox defense was tested a few times, and it didn’t buckle. Yoán Moncada rounded off a ball behind third nicely in the fifth. Leury García made a slick pick on a hot Perez grounder in the sixth. Andrew Vaughn held his ground on a José Ramirez laser to end the seventh.

But the Sox didn’t quite have a signature effort until the ninth, when José Abreu’s lunging legs beat Josh Naylor’s diving hand to the bag after Abreu fielded Naylor’s slow topper. Naylor thought he beat Abreu after he was called out, but Abreu’s right foot found the edge of the bag before Naylor’s trailing hand arrived. His lead hand coasted right past the base on the foul side, and that didn’t count.

Perfection remained intact until one more batter. Perez had hit two balls hard his first two times up, and Rodón tried to make sure he wouldn’t get a third. Unfortuantely, he took the idea of a “back foot slider” a little too literally, and he had to settle for the no-no instead. After all he’s been through, he’ll take it.

Bullet points:

*Mercedes and Madrigal had three hits apiece.

*The White Sox went 5-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

*Zack Collins was the only White Sox to go without a hit, but he did OK on the other side of the plate.

*The attendance was 7,148, and while the line is “40,000 people will say they were there,” COVID restrictions might keep the exaggerations in check.

Record: 6-6 | Box score | Statcast

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What a performance by Rodon and Collins! Leury made some nice plays at SS. Moncada flashed the leather. And Pito with the tremendous effort to beat Nayler to the bag.

An absolute complete team game. Awesome to see after Bieber shut us down last night.

Also, in before any shit-takes about Perez needing to get out of the way of that slider


In an alternate timeline, Perez gets out of the way but singles on the next pitch. All in all, this is ok.


Yeah he scorched the ball his first two times up. When it hit the 7th I was more worried about that AB than JRam or Reyes.

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People on Twitter and Reddit are calling for Lynn to bean him tomorrow… I’m glad we mostly avoid that negative energy here

Right Size Wrong Shape

I think I’m much happier not frequenting those places.


I really had a feeling based on his at bats and what I have seen from over his career that Perez would catch up to anything but a slider. It was the right pitch for the situation. Unfortunately, it is a pitch that sometimes finds a foot, and Perez was able to keep his bat on his shoulder.

I was relieved to see that Rodon had a sense of humor about it. I am really rooting for him this year. Force us to ponder the unthinkable, Carlos- making a qualifying offer after the 2021 season.


“The Toe Hitter” is making the rounds and I gotta say I like it. Gives the game a little character.

Can’t say enough how crazy this performance was. 91 mph on the fastball in the first. 99 mph in the ninth.

Props to Carlos for powering through all the struggles. Props to Collins for calling a great game when he was never thought to be a major league catcher.

Couldn’t have been more deserved. LETS GO LOS!!!


The Sox have only given up runs in 1 of the last 19 innings. Maybe more


Really happy for Carlos. And props to Collins – he called a good game.

LuBob DuRob

Collins has looked the part back there, big ups.

His struggle to get a proper hug from Rodon deserves a breakdown.


I was not in favor of bringing back Rodón at the time, but if this game wasn’t the definition of “I’d much rather the Sox be good than me be right on the internet”

LuBob DuRob

If we end up with that piece of metal, this is a game to remember. Obviously it is regardless. But with the Mercedes start and now a left for dead Rodon no-no, not a bad base of magic.


Sox went 14-4 in their next 18 games following Giolitos no-hitter last year.


I’m so happy for Rodon and Collins both. They’ve been through so much to get to this point.

This was the most complete game of the year. Pitching, defense, hard hits up and down the lineup. It gives you hope for the rest of the season.


What ever happens from here on out in his career, I’m sure we’re all thrilled for Carlos Rodon for this achievement, considering the way he’s had to battle back from a laundry list of injuries in his career.


According to Merkin, Rodon threw 26 change ups and 28 sliders. With that kind of balance and his improved velocity and fastball command he’s going to be just fine. Provided he stays healthy of course.


He threw the curve for a strike a few times early in counts too. That’s a mean mix of pitches


What LF depth problems?


>They laughed when I said RODAN was a good signing for the Sox
>They laughed when I said RODAN’s Spring numbers were legit
>They laughed as I picked up RODAN for free in fantasy to start the season


Un Perro



comment image


A literal monster on the mound


I was pissed when they didn’t spend on another outfielder who could hit
I was angry when they didn’t bring in an experienced catcher
I was furious when they were too cheap to at least go for a high upside, frequently injured pitcher – ya know, someone like Paxton who might actually pitch well.


The people that realize that you can’t spell Rodon.

Michael Kenny

So Giolito dueling Bieber to a draw is the third-best Sox pitching performance this time through the rotation. Mercy.


I know it’s early… but the early returns (stretching even back into the end of spring training) from this rotation… it could be one of the best one’s out there.


Woke up to this. WOW!!
In the Sox Machine Bingo who had Rodon #1 starter, Mercedes dominant DH, Vaughn competent LF and Collins competent C?

Come forth and claim your prize.


Here comes Andrew Vaughn, the Tyler Flowers of LF.


Was trying to explain to french wife what a no-hitter is. She knows was a “Buehrle” is (perfect game) but a no-hitter is a bit more nuanced when you don’t even know what a “hit” means. “It’s like a Buehrle but one guy got hit by a ball so he got to go to his base and it wasn’t perfect”. Her: “So not a Buehrle”. No. But Buehrle had one of these also. Her: ” A second Buehrle?” No, a no-hitter. Her “I thought that was a Buehrle”. Well it is and it isn’t. nevermind.

My 7yr old was at a sleepover, but she’ll understand when she gets home.

Last edited 1 year ago by ParisSox
As Cirensica

Best game of the season. I was so excited watching this last night. I love baseball and White Sox no-hitters even more.

La Russa must never ever again sit Yermin for Jake freaking Lamb. Never!

Two pitches later, Yermín Mercedes drove in three by himself with a Dan Ryan-threatening blast over the White Sox bullpen for a 4-0 lead.

I would like to understand this Dan Ryan reference. I have a feeling it has to something to do with Chicagoans. Can anybody help me?


it’s the name of expressway that runs behind the park, notably behind Left Field.


In my mind I still have the Dan Ryan beyond right field, like in the old park. I know better, but it’s so ingrained that a right-handed hitter can hit it to the Loop if he’s really strong – like Dave Nicholson.


Dan Ryan is the expressway that runs next to the park


What he said


You guys are no fun. Should have just told him that Dan Ryan was President of the Cook County Board from 1954-1961 and waited to see what he did with that information.


Paris, I think Dan Ryan was the founder of IIT, the school that lies beyond the expressway behind the left field concourse. There is a bronze statue of Dan Ryan on the IIT campus, (not unlike one you would find on the concourse itself), which has come under assault lately when Mercedes is at the plate.


I knew of IIT but I never knew what Dan Ryan actually did. Saved me a google trip.


If you were to google it, you’d learn it is most definitely NOT true. Don’t know why the expressway is named for him. I just made up that whopper to appease Buehrleman. I thought it was obvious i was lying. I’ll do better next time.

Here’s a do-over.
Dan Ryan was Yermin Mercedes before Yermin was. Acquired by the Sox in the 1961 minor league rule 5 draft (yes it existed then, don’t bother googling it), Dan Ryan went on to make the big league club and eventually performed so well that the White Sox traded future hall of fame shortstop Luis Aparicio to Baltimore to make room for Ryan to be the starting SS. Ryan fielded the position so well that the Sox saw no need in deploying a 3B since Ryan could cover the entire left side of the infield by himself, they instead used 4 outfielders that season.


Politicians like to introduce legislation to name civic things after aging politicians with the carrot that future politicians will follow suit and do the same for them.

FYI: Don’t go to Dan Ryan Woods on south Western unless you are a big fan of pit bulls.


I was at the game last night. After the White Sox made it 8 – 0, my friend and I agreed that given the 45 degree weather, we would stay only until 9:00 unless Rodon had a no-hitter or perfect game going. We joked that it would be ironic if we stayed only to find that Cleveland got a hit in the ninth inning.

I have been fortunate to see four MLB no-hitters in person. The first one was Jim Bunning of the Tigers beating the Red Sox at Fenway on July 20, 1958. I had grown up in New England but was a Tiger fan having been born in Michigan. It was my first MLB game.

I moved to Chicago in the 60’s to go to law school and continued to root for the Tigers. On September 10, 1967, I saw Joel Horlen no-hit the Tigers at Comiskey. On April 7, 1984, I was at the game when Jack Morris of the Tigers no-hit the White Sox. It turned out that three of the first ten MLB games I attended had been no-hitters.

I have now been to hundreds of games and am a die-hard Sox fan – in normal times I bring about 25 signs to hold up at games. Given the quality of the current Sox pitching staff, I expect I will not have to wait another 37 years to see my next no-hitter in person!


Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.


I have never seen a no-hitter in person, but have seen three triple plays.


Wait, what?


That’s right, three triple plays. For two of them, I was even sober enough to realize it at the time. 🙂
But never a no-hitter…


I’ve seen one no hitter (Buehrle 2007) and one triple play but I get extra credit for the triple play because it was unassisted. (Furcal 2003).


This was a fan-nurturing game.

Things may change but right now this team has three aces in the rotation, and that feels good.


I was looking around the league after our win last night. The AL seems to be pretty wide open. The Yankees are 5-7 and the Twins are 5-7. We have a shot here if our starting rotation is this deep. We need Moncada, Abreu, and Grandal to get going.

At least we can be a little optimistic right now.


So apparently that was only Collins’ second time catching Rodon and according to baseball ref, his 16th game behind the plate. Made me wonder what the record is for fewest MLB games caught before catching a no-no.

Joliet Orange Sox

Yadier Molina caught his 2000th game last night and has never caught a no-hitter.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joliet Orange Sox

I choose to read this as Collins > Molina


comment imagev


What a bum


MLB radio this morning said fifth fewest games for a catcher’s first no hitter


fifth? Wow. i wouldn’t have been surprised to learn 16 wasn’t the fewest, but fifth fewest is pretty wild. Thank you though.


There’s an article on MLB.com with 15 stats related to the no hitter and that was one of them.


White Sox pitchers are leading the majors in fWAR and fastball velocity.

The team leads the AL Central in run differential.

Last edited 1 year ago by jorgefabregas
As Cirensica

Ethan Katz might know one thing or two.

Michael Kenny

If you have MLB.tv, I highly recommend listening to Tom Hamilton’s call of the ninth inning.


This was an excellent recommendation.


So now Rodon is perhaps another strong performance or two away from inserting himself into the already murky ‘Sox must extend these SPs’ discussion. Lynn has already forced his way into that conversation, and Giolito is obvious. Rodon’s representation makes it more complicated. What say you, everyone? What should the Sox approach for rotation 2022+ be?


more no-hitters


On the one hand, you can never have too many good pitchers. However, reliability will likely still continue to be an issue with Rodon, and with Kopech being added to the starting rotation next year, I could see that money being allocated somewhere else more effectively. If he continues to pitch this well, the front office would definitely have a tough decision to make.

As Cirensica

I could see that money being allocated somewhere else more effectively. 

Money? Allocated?? Effectively?!?!?! What team have you been following these past years?


Well, in a perfect world, anyways. Every rational thought needs an * when we are considering the sox FO.


After his first start, I began thinking of the possibility of a 2023 rotation of Giolito, Kopech, Rodon, Cease, Crochet.


Rodon’s representation makes it more complicated

While that is true, Rodon has talked about how he likes the organization here so I think a good deal could be done for both sides without Hard Karl having to leave next season. I think Lynn is leaving at the end of the season though, don’t see the Sox extending an aging pitcher like that for the money he would want.


Misses his Monday start with diarrhea, pitches a no-hitter 2 days later? If Rodon doesn’t have a Pepto Bismol sponsorship within 24 hours, he needs to fire his agent.


An all out bidding war between Pepto, Imodium and Alka Seltzer


At absolute worst, any discussion of the third overall pick will lead with a cherished memory. The underlying performance is as tantalizing as the lack of hits and walks allowed.

Given the start of the season and past history, I am happily surprised by the performance of the defense (particularly Collins at catcher) that made 8+ perfect innings possible. Here’s hoping this utterly dominant performance by all aspects of the team (excepting the unused bullpen) is a sign of play to come.


That was just an absolutely enjoyable game from start to finish. Don’t stop now, boys!!


Looking at the statcast numbers, I’m kind of impressed by how well Madrigal was actually hitting the ball. He almost touched triple digits with one of his hits last night. Really thought he would have gotten a double on that one hit to the gap but no such luck.


I’m watching Madrigal with great interest. Bennetti said a stat last night that he leads the majors with fewest swings and misses with only 1 so far this year. And when TLR, who has been around obviously, says he’s a magician out there with the bat, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on his development. The ability to basically hit any pitch even when fooled – wow.


I still want to see them put a fast runner in front of him so they can hit-and-run as often as possible. With his penchant for ground balls and his uncanny ability to make contact, having the infielders on the move when he is hitting will increase his batting average significantly. They can first-and-third teams to death with him.


Honestly, the ideal lineup for me when Tim comes back is Tim/Moncada/Abreu/Robert/Mercedes/Grandal/Vaughn/Eaton/Madrigal. It feels weird putting Eaton so far down the lineup but I think it changes the looks up enough for the opposing pitcher/defense that there won’t be any breathing room.


I’m a little leery of putting Robert in the 4-spot. It doesn’t look like Moncada is handling it that well. My favorite lineup is the same as yours except Grandal 4 and Robert 6. That is basically the same lineup as the presumed opening day lineup before Eloy got hurt. The way it’s going, we may actually have an upgrade from Eloy hitting 5th!!


Like Aparicio-Fox?


I haven’t posted here often but am still reading everything nearly daily. However, I had to come here and write after what happened yesterday to note and thank Jim, Josh, and the rest of the former SSS staff for that fateful day over 5 years ago now that made me fall in love with Rodon and his 80 grade slider. When we had that methup where we watched a double header with Cincinatti, the first game being a nearly Cueto complete game until Alexei and Jose busted it and the second, Carlos Rodon’s first start.

He came up to the sox with his first appearance in relief with the BASES LOADED and RYAN RABURN at bat and sure enough he gave up a 2 run single to him but then retired the next batter. It was indeed a trial by fire experience and quite a way to start. That day of the methup, he got his first start and WAS AMAZING. He stacked up strikeouts, only gave up 2 runs in a QS and just looked so great. I instantly was wooed by his 80 grade slider and he became one of if not my favorite player. To this day, I rate it as one of the best games I have ever attended.

Then we know what happened over the years with the struggles, injuries, and all of that. But I still wanted to believe in him. I stuck by him and it was so cool when I learned that he was STREAMING on twitch and we were able to chat and talk with him while watching him dominate at warzone. It just made me an even bigger fan of him. I even had his bobblehead adorning my office desk (back when I still had an office desk) And then the return from injury last year happened and then the wild card snafu. I was absolutely deject watching him not being able to get even one out and all the fans clamoring that he’s a bum and they should have gotten rid of him. Then more sadness when the White Sox did get rid of him.

But then they signed him back. I thought I was the only one happy he was coming back what with all the vitriol from everyone else almost everywhere. I had to almost hide my happiness but then he streamed again during the offseason (where he was hilariously building a PC) and I along with a crowd of other people welcomed him back. I had hoped Ethan Katz would help him and fix him and he can contribute like we know he could. When ST started, he was dominating and I had hope but it WAS ST. His first start at the Mariners this year, we sorely needed a good start from a starter and he delivered. I was so happy to see it and thought Katz has done it.

And now last night. Just pure ecstasy, watching the mob on the mound, his hat tip to the fans, that postgame interview. As one of his self proclaimed biggest fans and long time believer, I couldn’t help but have tears well up in just so much happiness for him. I can’t wait until the next time he streams so I can congratulate him in person.


Great post, Anohito. He has been one of my favorites too. I thought I was the only happy one that they resigned him. I was excited to see what Katz could do with him, and when I saw that Katz addressed him right away about some fixes he had in mind, I held out hope that he could finally show his awesome potential. What a thrilling performance last night. I really hope that he will be a big part of the success of this club going forward.


was he in your off season plan? be honest! I cut him loose in mine, but i wrote a short heartfelt explanation of it being a tough decision. felt like i was writing a eulogy. Feels good being wrong. I’ve always liked him too, but he really won me over when i started listening to him talk in a few interviews. Just sounded like a funny and cool guy.


Yes, he was actually in mine. After Coop doing literally nothing the last few years except resting on his laurels, I was intrigued by what a new voice who actually cared could do with Rodon’s talent. Did I expect this though? Not a chance. I was hoping he could give them a solid left-handed arm in the bullpen.


Never stop believing in RODAN


Counting spring training, Rodon’s line is:
27.2 IP, 11 hits, 2 ER, 4 BB, 29 Ks.
Not too shabby.

Of course, his current regular season line is 14 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 16 Ks, 0.36 WHIP and .045 BA against. He actually has more HBPs (3), than hits allowed.


If you hit batters, they can’t take you deep.

Just John

Wow!!! ‘Thank You’s are due all around…to the Sox, Carlos, Sox Machine and all the commenters. I’m relatively speechless and mostly just wanted to show my attendance with you all.

My wife doesn’t dislike baseball by any means, but she is one who simply doesn’t understand why peaple (haha!) love organized sports. For this reason, I cherish every moment that she shows even the smallest degree of attentiveness during games. We watched the last 3 innings together and she was going nearly as nuts as I was.

4/14/2021 was surely the best sporting night for me in years. Cheers!