White Sox 10, Yankees 2: Deep-sixed by Eloy Jiménez

Eloy Jiménez put the White Sox ahead with a three-run homer. The he put the game away with another one.

Jiménez’s third multi-homer game of his career victimized the same team as his first one, and his six-RBI night propelled the Sox to a second straight energizing victory over the Yankees and a return to .500.

Lucas Giolito benefited from the outburst, although he didn’t need that much support. Even though he wasn’t at his sharpest, he allowed only a first-inning Luke Voit solo shot on the board, then coasted until the last few batters of his night, two of which he didn’t need to face.

But let’s get back to Jiménez, who is now up to 11 homers on the season in just 44 games. He thwarted CC Sabathia’s dream of 250 career wins — and a 20th against the White Sox — before Sabathia could close out the first.

Sabathia came close, striking out James McCann on three pitches with runners on the corners for the second out. Up came Jiménez, who didn’t try to do too much with a cutter down the middle. With Jiménez’s strength, he can still leave the yard under those circumstances, and he hoisted the ball into the first row of the right-center seats for the first three-run blast and a 3-1 lead.

The Sox could’ve knocked Sabathia out of the game earlier than they did, because they sent all nine hitters to the plate in the first and even tacked on one more run. Once he had a chance to regroup, the veteran found ways to buy himself time. Jose Abreu doubled home Tim Anderson thanks to an error in the second, but Sabathia ended that inning with a 6-3 double play, followed by a 5-4-3 in the third inning and a 3-6 in the fourth.

They finally got rid of Sabathia in the fifth after Jiménez singled on another well-hit ball, then took third on Jose Rondón’s single with two outs on a full count. Luis Cessa replaced Sabathia, but he couldn’t strand both runners because Yolmer Sánchez dropped a single to left, which made it 6-1.

After Giolito walked two with two outs in the sixth inning to add a little drama, the Sox offense drained the game of it.

Leury García reached on a walk, followed by an Anderson single. Up came Abreu, who grounded into another potential 5-4-3, but Anderson’s slide disrupted Gleyber Torres’ turn, and D.J. LeMahieu couldn’t snag the high throw. García scored on the error.

McCann followed with a “double” through Gio Urshela’s legs — that scoring might be reversed — to put two on for Jiménez once more, and Jiménez worked a full count before depositing an outside-corner slider into the shrubbery in center to give the Sox a 10-1 lead.

Giolito, who had problems closing out the top of the sixth and sat for a while during the Sox’ four-run blitz, came back out despite a steady rain, a pitch count in the 90’s and a nine-run lead. Sure enough, he gave up back-to-back singles before Renteria finally pulled him, and Juan Minaya stranded both runners to preserve Giolito’s ERA.

That now stands at 2.22 while he ran his record to 10-1. Besides the problems at the very end, Giolito once again looked good. He issued four walks, two of which stemmed from overthrowing to Voit after the first-inning homer. He worked predominantly fastball changeup, throwing 63 of the former and 24 of the latter. The slider also got four whiffs out of 10 whenever he needed to go to it, which wasn’t often.

Bullet points:

*The White Sox outhit the Yankees 16-6, and outhit them with runners in scoring position 6-1.

*Abreu couldn’t snag a shot to first, then couldn’t find the handle, allowing an unearned run to score on Jose Ruiz’s tab against the game’s penultimate batter.

*Rondón almost committed a sin by running into the third out at third base in the first inning on Sánchez’s RBI single in the first, but it was overturned on a challenge. Good job by Welington Castillo, hustling home to add the fourth run no matter the outcome.

*Sabathia, who is retiring after the season, closed out the Sox portion of his illustrious career with a 19-8 record and a 3.79 ERA over 39 starts spanning 249⅔ innings.

*With four wins, the Sox locked in a season series victory against the Yankees.

Record: 34-34 | Box score | Highlights

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Hard to blame Abreu for his “error.” The rain probably made everything slippery.


This is Eloy’s 3rd multi-HR game by my count.


it was the eloy&lucas show.lucas wasnt at his best but he hang on than he could&i hope this is eloy that we will be seeing foward maybe get back to ROTY talk.congrats to the sox going 500 since the home opener.hope they keep it going&i hope hahn will be buyers for once in july.i havent had this much fun in a LONG TIME im also on the get rid of alonso train lol GO SOX!!!!

jose robcada

doubt they are buyers with only 1 good starter atm, but man this team is fun too watch and next year is looking to be really good with an actual rotation with giolito kopech cease and rodon back eventually on top of robert and madrigal (and hopefully gerritt cole haha)

side note it makes me happy that white sox are finally getting national attention… mlb network has been talking about them quite a bit this past week

and yes, please get rid of alonso


Punctuation is a thing.




Despite our offseason dourness, this season is becoming a fun one.  All I ask is that they stay within 5 games of the wild card to keep false hope alive for awhile.  Keep having fun, boys!


I cant be the only one that is SERIOUSLY Concerned about Renteria’s decision to send Giolito out into the 7th inning, can I?

My concern has absolutely nothing to do with the results. Giolito was visually tired, and clearly did not have his best stuff. He has 100+ Pitches in what, 8 of his last 9 starts? A few of those over 110. The Sox were up 10-1. The previous half inning for the Sox offense was long so Giolito was sitting around for a while. And, It was raining.

If Ever there was a time to just pull your damn starter after 6, this was it, And Renteria STILL didnt do it. Switching over to the results, he even STILL left him in after putting the leadoff man on.

Unbelievable. Renteria proved last night he is a legitimate and serious risk to the health of our rebuild long term.


This is an extreme overreaction. Do you think RR did not check with Coop? Or that he overruled him? They wanted him to get a couple of outs in the seventh to guarantee that they would not have to use their best relievers. You are pretending to know something that you don’t.


I don’t think it’s an overreaction at all. There was absolutely no reason to bring him out for the 7th, and Gutteridge gave several reasons below why he shouldn’t have left him in. If Coop thought he should have stayed in, then he’s stupid too. The players have responded well to Ricky this year, but he makes a head-scratching decision almost every game.


This is about Health. You have got to protect your pitchers. Its 2019. Every Bullet counts. The Whitesox were given every reason you could think of to just let him sit after 6.

The decision is a microcosm of a failure of the organization. If they were willing let let Giolito Pitch with all of that in mind, it shows they are going to be reckless moving forwards.

Blame must fall on everyone. The decision was honestly bad enough that it warrants Hahn or even Kenny intervening and telling Ricky he cannot do that again. If this continues, Its not just coop that gets the blame. Its not just Ricky. Its everyone in the organization. Nobody should allow such egregious misuse of a starter to continue. If Hahn were to intervene and Ricky refused, it should be grounds for firing.

I realize a GM Stepping in and telling the dugout manager how to run the club house is generally frowned upon. But The org has no choice, they cant let that happen.


He was really struggling in the sixth. I was shocked to see him run out for the seventh 


Stone wasn’t at all pleased either. It might be acceptable if the Sox were taking advantage of the days off. But instead, looks like they will go with a 4-man and send out Giolito on normal rest. It made no sense.


you could tell Stone and Benetti were doing their best to hide their shock


Is this Renteria like a kid with a new toy? Let’s hope he doesn’t break him the first season.


between the 9 run lead, the weather, his struggles in the 6th the pitch count and his scheduled start against the Cubs on 4 days rest this was a stupid move. Ricky was lucky it did not backfire big time .


Perhaps we’ll find out it backfired big time against the Cubs.


Obviously I agree with you. But I believe Gio will be pitching on wednesday, normal days rest.


I think that’s the point. If he was given extra rest with the days off, leaving him in would be easier to justify. But he won’t be.

Brett R. Bobysud

Was I the only one, after Giolito buzzed Voit in his 2nd at bat, that was like,

“Goddamit, Lucas, don’t be a red-ass.”


*Sabathia, who is retiring after the season, closed out his illustrious career with a 19-8 record and a 3.79 ERA over 39 starts spanning 249⅔ innings.

I am assuming this is lifetime against the sox?


How many games did we give up using lineup with,Alonso, Engel, Palka, Sanchez and Castillo?