Twins 6, White Sox 2: The second inning dooms Cease again

The night started off well for Dylan Cease. Pitching around Jose Abreu’s fielding error, Cease was able to overcome a defensive miscue by getting Eddie Rosario to ground into a 4-6-3 double play. All on just 13 pitches.

The good feelings didn’t last. Just like in the last start against Tampa, Cease got into trouble in the second inning. After freezing Miguel Sano on an inside fastball for a strikeout looking, Luis Arraez and Marwin Gonzalez hit back-to-back singles. In a battle against Jason Castro, Cease’s fastball on 3-2 was too high, and the bases were loaded for Byron Buxton.

Sitting on a fastball, Buxton got too underneath a 2-1 pitch and hit a high fly ball into shallow left field. A too familiar sight this season, Jon Jay and Adam Engel collided with one another, with Jay holding on to make the catch. As Jay looked back at Engel after making contact, Arraez tagged up from third to score the game’s first run.

Cease was visibly frustrated by the poor defensive play, and Max Kepler didn’t make things better. On a 3-2 curveball, Kepler smashed it into the right-field bleachers for his 27th home run of the season, and the 200th home run hit by the Twins in 2019. After a mound visit from Don Cooper, Cease allowed two more singles before eventually getting out of the inning when Sano grounded out. After two innings, Cease was already at 57 pitches, giving up six hits and two walks.

A silver lining for Cease is his ability to bounce back within a start. Retiring eight straight batters, Cease was able to get through five innings striking out Gonzalez on a 96-mph fastball. Cease’s night ended going 5 IP 7 H 5 ER 3 BB 4 K on 98 pitches.

Looking at Cease’s last two starts:

Second Inning: 2 IP 9 H 9 R 3 BB 2 K
Every other inning: 8 IP 1 H 0 R 4 BB 6 K

The White Sox offense had a chance in the first inning. Leury Garcia hit a leadoff single and stole second base. Jay attempted to bunt for a hit, but with his hip issues didn’t have the speed to beat Sano’s arm. Garcia moved 90 feet up to third and in a prime spot for Abreu to drive in the game’s first run. Twins starting pitcher Michael Pineda had other ideas as he struck out Abreu for the second out, and on a first-pitch changeup, Yoan Moncada hit a line drive but right at Kepler for the third out.

White Sox hitters had better luck in the third inning. On full counts, Yolmer Sanchez led things off with a single and would come around to score on Adam Engel’s second home run of the season.

There was a chance for more damage. Garcia singled, and Jay reached on an error by Arraez. With no outs, Abreu had an opportunity to drive in more runs but instead grounded into a 5-4-3 double play. Moncada walked on four straight pitches, but Goins flew out to left field ending the threat. The two runs were all the offense could muster for the evening as they have only scored six runs in the last four games.

White Sox have lost 12 of their last 15 games.

Record: 45-56 | Box Score | Highlights

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Still think Cease will figure it out, just needs to keep working on it.

It wont be time to panic on Cease until maybe this time next year. Got plenty of time


Cease will be fine. His stuff is electric. When he gets command of his fastball, he will be tough. They were just sitting on his curve in the 2nd because he had no clue where his fastball was going. He will figure it out.

lil jimmy

yep. Pitching from behind is a recipe for disaster.


Some how I see Corey Ray at the end of the Sox trade deadline

Trooper Galactus

For who? Colome? I’d probably take that.


Pipeline Top 100 and Sox Top 30 Out. On first glance…

Jonathan Stiever skyrocketed (8).

Bryce Bush dropped off.

Surprised no Gladney.

James Beard at 22?

Alec Hansen hanging on by a thread.


Did Josh tweet Callis with his recomendation for the Sox 6th ranked prospect?


I think Dunning is an easy enough #6. #7 though… Sad state of affairs.

Trooper Galactus

Pretty muted assessment of Yolbert Sanchez.


Oh whoops. I buried the lead. Number 100…

Seth Beer.


Thomas at 63 hurts… we probably didnt scout him.


Maybe, not wanting the Sox in charge of his development, his dad told the Sox not to draft Alek.

Trooper Galactus

I should go to a Cougars game to get a look at him. That said, it’s hard to complain too much when the second rounder we took ahead of him is still one of the better prospects in our system.

lil jimmy

Beer looks like “Fools Gold” to me. I’d be happy to be wrong.


Madrigal and Beer were the same draft, and Madrigal currently ranked 43 to Beer’s 100. Can’t have them both.


Am I still at number 12?


You’re number 1 in my book PS.


Bit surprised by Yolbert. I thought a 22 year old signing for 2.5mil would grade out at more like a 45. Am assuming the Sox see more potential in his bat.


Apologize if I’m the man. Dale Murphy thinks Madrigal is the bomb. Or anti-bomb in this case.


Engel making more out of his second chance than Palka. We need Robert and Mercedes now. OFFENSE


This team needs pitching. A lot of pitching. More pitching than the prospects can deliver. Robert could be the second coming of Barry Bonds and he couldn’t overcome the lousy pitching the Sox are putting out there every night.

lil jimmy

Speed doesn’t slump.


Jason Binetti crying out “the comeback is on” after the Engel homer was flat out hilarious, what freaking team is this guy watching

I think cease is getting a good mix of struggles as he keeps having that one bad inning, combined with enough positives that I dont think it will hurt him one bit to be up now. He can take a lot of positives about staying in games thru a bad inning and performing well aside from it. He will be ready to roll in 2020.

New rankings, and seth beer is at 100, he would fit great as the lefty power bat the sox desperately need… colome for beer who says no…

Also, my unofficial count of whitesox fielders running into each other stands at like 103,309,389,294…. or something like that.

lil jimmy

Made me chuckle at the end.


“It’s a two-run homer for Engel, but the team that the White Sox are putting out there sucks and has no chance.” That play-by-play guy would not last long, and should not.


Yeah gibby, I remember Jimmy Piersall too.


I like Binetti but am not a fan of the current brand of homerism (now with more Stone). Every young Sox player is a star in the making, every miss by the home plate umpire needs to be called out…. I don’t need all that.


Yeah, they made Engel sound like Mickey Mantle yesterday.


Colome for Beer is an interesting proposition. another spin on the lefty DH wheel. It’d be troublesome to have both Vaughn Beer in our top 6 prospect list, especially with Eloy looming. But its probably “fair” return for Colome from a team that could absolutely use him.

If Eloy/Vaugh/Beer all turned into all star caliber 1B/DH sluggers, I mean, thats not the worst problem to have.


Adam Engel is worth +0.7 bWAR in only 34 games and 86 PAs

Trooper Galactus

Putting the + in front of Engel’s WAR figure is probably necessary just to be crystal clear about it.


Here’s some offensive stats for the Sox (and in this case offensive has 2 meanings):
There are 151 batting qualifiers in the MLB.
Yolmer is 150th in OPS, yet has well over 300 plate appearances.
Leury is 131st in OPS with around 400 PA. He is our leadoff hitter and is 95th in OBP.
AJ Reed has 38 plate appearances, 6 hits, 1 meaningless home run (in the 9th inning of a 7-1 game) and a .502 OPS.
The White Sox as a team are 29th in walks, 8th in strikeouts, and 26th in slugging.
Those are absolutely dismal stats.
When Timmy and Eloy come back, Robert needs to come with them. We can get rid of Cordell, Engel and Rondon, and move Goins to 2nd, and Yolmer to the bench. (Though Madrigal should come up too and replace Goins). AJ Reed looks absolutely clueless up there. Bring Collins back up and give him regular at bats, unlike his first stint. If he fails, and he probably will, then we move on from him. And Steverson needs to go. It’s time for a new voice and a fresh start for the players.
The bad thing is our hitting is better than our pitching. Since the all-star break they are unwatchable. Something needs to happen now.


i agree with you about new voices steverson shouldve been gone along with robin&coop needs to go as well but i digress