Sporcle Saturday: Opening Day lineups since 1990

Good morning everybody, and welcome. Please, take a seat and prepare yourself for the cumulative exam. As you know, we’ve spent the last several weeks studying White Sox Opening Day lineups, position by position. Last week, we received perfect scores from asinwreck, kenwo, pnoles, and our fearless leader, Jim Margalus. Today, all of you have the opportunity to take what you’ve learned and apply it to the entire baseball diamond! In case you’re wondering: in order to achieve an “A” grade (90%) you will need to correctly input 261 of 290 names. Good luck and godspeed!

(One final note: this is a HUGE quiz; as such, you may wish to use the direct link at the bottom and enter names directly from the Sporcle site)

Quiz Parameters

  • As always, first and last names accepted, in addition to just the last names.
  • I’ve given you the maximum amount of time — 20 minutes — to attempt completion.
  • As hints I’ve provided the date and the position of the player in question. Lineups are sorted by year, beginning with 1990.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • On Opening Day since 1990, the White Sox have a record of 18-11.
  • The most runs scored by a White Sox team –ever– on Opening Day was 17, a 17-3 drubbing of the St. Louis Browns on April 17, 1951.
  • Their biggest loss was a 12-0 shutout against the Twins on April 7, 1970.

Direct link here

All data from baseballreference.com

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You gotta be bleepin me!


Made 277. Not bad Couldn’t remember those obscure late 90s catchers and a handful of others. Thanks for the great review of the last many years, Ted.

Trooper Galactus

224 before I ran out of time. I know I would have come up with another 25 or so if I had maybe another five minutes. And man, do I ever hate recalling a lot of the names on this list.


290/290 baby. Absolutely perfect!

1:53 remaining. The third baseman in 14-15 killed my time as I had everyone else w about 5 min left.

Boomer was also perfect. 290/290. He finished with :04 on the clock! Also with that same third baseman. Ha. What a generic player.


I got him; it just took me about four tries to spell it correctly.

Trooper Galactus

Who’s this Carlos Sanchez fellow?


I was gonna put Cody Asche, but I thought: “No way he was DH, right?” I guess my brain choose to forget.

Josh Nelson

Your brain was trying to do you a favor.


I only remembered him because I missed him in a previous opening day sporcle.

Right Size Wrong Shape

276. Not bad, just frustrating that I missed a lot of the same ones that I missed the first time around. Thanks for putting this together, it was a lot of fun!


238. I’m actually quite pissed at the guys I’ve missed. I don’t mind mind missing the one year roleplayers from the late 90s, but 



has been memory holed.


Well I remembered Thursday’s lineup anyway.


209. As usual, my big omissions were

Durham and Valentin
, who I always can picture and describe, but somehow never remember the names of.


Cs get degrees. Ashamed of some of the recent multi-year regulars I missed

(Rios, Eaton, Beckham)
. I even took note of
great game today.


282/290 as I had to go to dinner before finishing. All of the misses were from the 21st century.

Patrick Nolan

289/290. Had 289 with about 7 minutes left and just never thought of the 2000 3B.