WMeitz’s Make A Splash But Stay Within Budget Offseason Plan


It’s time to compete.  While Cole and Rendon would be sexy signings, they will be too expensive for us. I propose making a splash in a different way, still making two bigger signings, one of which will be controversial because it frees up a core piece and fan favorite to be traded.


Write “tender” or “non-tender” after each player and their projected 2020 salaries. Feel free to offer explanation afterward if necessary.

  • Alex Colomé, $10.3M – Tender
  • Yolmer Sánchez, $6.2M – Love his defense, but not at that price, non-tender
  • James McCann, $4.9M – Tender
  • Carlos Rodon, $4.5M – Tender
  • Leury García, $4M – Tender
  • Evan Marshall, $1.3M – Tender
  • Josh Osich, $1M – Non-tender
  • Ryan Goins, $900K – Goins, Goins, gone!  Non-tender


Write “pick up” or “decline” after the option.

  • Welington Castillo: $8 million/$500,000 buyout – decline


Try to retain, or let go?

  • Jose Abreu (made $16M in 2019) – Retain (2 yrs/$25M)
  • Iván Nova (made $9,166,167 in 2019) – Let go
  • Jon Jay (made $4M in 2019) – Let go
  • Hector Santiago (made $2M in 2019 on split contract) – Let go


No. 1: Madison Bumgarner (5 years, $125 million). While his fly ball tendencies are concerning, we need an ace lefty and his playoff experience will be great for the rest of the young staff.  Also, the dude throws strikes!

No. 2: Didi Gregorius (4 years, $60 million). Here’s the controversial one.  He’s a left handed bat with 20+ HR power and plays a more consistently solid SS than TA.  Don’t shoot me yet, I’ll explain more below.

No. 3: Jason Castro (1 year, $5 million). While he’s not an everyday catcher anymore, he would be a decent platoon partner (.750 OPS vs. RHP in his career, .851 last year) and would be a stopgap until Collins was ready for more work behind the dish.


No. 1: Trade Tim Anderson to the Reds in a three team, seven player trade. Let’s rip off the band-aid. Let me first say that I love TA’s style and enthusiasm and MLB needs more players like him. That said, I’m selling high on him, so here we go. The Dodgers receive Tony Santillan from the Reds and Carson Fulmer from the Sox. The Sox receive Joc Pederson from the Dodgers, and Jonathan India, Michael Lorenzen, and Stuart Fairchild from the Reds. The Reds need a SS with Iglesias a FA and the Dodgers get a decent prospect for Pederson.  And they also get Carson Fulmer because for some reason they wanted him last year.  For the Sox, Pederson fills the RF and left handed power holes and they also get immediate bullpen help with Lorenzen.  Fairchild is a near ready OF who can play all 3 positions.  India is a low end top 100 prospect who can play all over the infield.  I know this trade sounds like 2016 but with all the young pitching we have we need a defensive upgrade at SS.  Both prospects also have the on base skills the current lineup severely lacks.

No. 2: Trade Bernardo Flores and Luis Gonzalez to the Mariners for Domingo Santana. Jerry Dipoto loves to make trades, and while Mitch Haniger is probably the more popular target, I believe Santana to be a more realistic goal given the current state of our midrange prospects. His .770 OPS would be welcome at either DH or RF (not sure who the better RF is between Santana and Pederson).



CF Robert – R

3B Moncada – S

LF Jimenez – R

RF Pederson – L

1B Abreu – R

SS Gregorius – L

DH Santana – R

C Castro/McCann – S

2B Madrigal – R


C Castro/McCann

UT Garcia

OF Engel

C/1B/DH Collins






Lopez (Rodon when healthy?)









Hamilton (or insert AAAA guy of your choice here)

If I did the math correctly, my payroll is just over $117M, so Jerry should be reasonably happy. I thought about going for JD Martinez to DH, but I couldn’t make the dollars work to fit another $25M contract. If Jerry would sign off on a $140M payroll that would be my move instead of Santana. I also considered Keuchel and Odorizzi instead of Bumgarner, but in the playoffs you need studs and Bumgarner with Giolito would give us two studs to at least have a chance against the big boys.  The bullpen is also questionable, but what bullpen isn’t? I figure this team would be a shoo-in to hit Jerry’s goal of a second place finish, and if everyone performs as expected we would be contenders, at least for the division.  Lets hear your thoughts!

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Greg Nix

Dang, this is bold! Very creative.

Eagle Bones

Definitely bold as Greg said above! Very interesting idea! As I said in one of the other threads, I kind of like the idea of going after Gregorius, but I think I’d look to move Madrigal instead of Anderson. Tim is probably in for some regression, but he’s an established MLB starter at this point. They shouldn’t be trading those kinds of players at this point if they’re serious about contending (especially one on such a favorable contract).

Love Castro as a target at C if they miss out on Grandal, but I think you may be a little light on the contract. I was thinking something more like 2 years and 15 mil, but I would love it if they could get him on that deal you proposed!


I love that this plan addresses the White Sox perennial achilles heel(s): the way below replacement level black hole.  Impressively, this lineup goes from 1-9 without an obvious time to grab a snack or take a leak.  Bookending Robert and Madrigal without any automatic outs in between?  Aw yeah.   Similarly, the staff is devoid of the throwaway revolving door fifth starter – (we have to be optimistic about 2nd half Lopez, right?)  This roster can make the postseason and the top of the rotation would make it a formidable foe against anybody.

And If JR were to sign off on JD – watch out.

Excellent work!