White Sox Wake Up Call: June 1, 2018


  • Tonight starts a three-game series as the Milwaukee Brewers come into town.
  • The White Sox minor league affiliates all won thanks to three terrific starting performances.
  • Around the league, Clayton Kershaw is back, and the National League race is still a tight one.

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Are the White Sox likely to trade Jose Abreu?
— Lisa, Chicago
The team traded Chris Sale, one of the game’s top starting pitchers, so no veteran without extended team control is off limits during the White Sox rebuild. But Abreu will stay and eventually (not necessarily this season) get a contract extension. Other teams won’t match the high value the White Sox have for Abreu. These young prospects give great hope for the future, but every rebuild needs key veterans to complete the championship process.

I thought this commentary from Merkin was interesting. I’m guessing we will see an extension for Abreu.


‘Pops’ Abreu


Totally fine with that. Josavior will be our base.