White Sox Wake-Up Call: April 18, 2018

Good morning. Here’s what’s in today’s White Sox Wake-Up Call:

  • The White Sox lose again; Miguel Gonzalez and a listless lineup combine for another uninspiring night.
  • Luis Basabe homers for Winston-Salem to stay ahead of the other Dash outfielders in the race to Birmingham.
  • An investment group in Portland puts bids in for land to build a baseball stadium, potentially paving the way for expansion or relocation.

You can listen below:

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Greg Nix

Greg Nix writes stuff all over the internet, and sometimes even on TV. He loves the White Sox and the Phoenix Suns even though they bring him nothing but pain.

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Jack Parkman

Where’s the link to the podcast?

Jim Margalus

It’s there now.


I think Vancouver makes more sense than Portland. Bigger metropolitan area and Seattle hasn’t been a big-drawing team on average over the last ten years (and a few of those fans are coming from Portland). Portland will have nice attendance for a year or two and then? 

And forget expansion – ship Oakland to the Pacific Northwest. 

And move the Rays to OKC or San Antonio. 

Jim Margalus

I agree with your Porland skepticism. They picked soccer over baseball when it came to choosing a stadium site, and they don’t seem to be looking back, at least from the city side. Maybe Nike money overcomes some of the obstacles, but I don’t think the appetite is there.

The Bay Area should be big enough for two teams, especially since it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be less populous/wealthy/corporate.

Charlotte would have a better case with the combination of baseball enthusiasm/territory/corporate support, except their publicly-financed stadium is on a really small footprint, hemmed in by a major street on one side and a public park on another. I don’t see how it can support a second deck.


Rays move to Montreal, yes I forgot about that. They seem intent on bringing a team to their downtown area and even with some fan indifference it’s a huge market. 


I wonder how many Vancouver-area residents cross the border through customs as opposed to Portlandiers heading up to Seattle for a baseball game and night on the town. I don’t know. 

Josh Nelson

I think time is running out on Oakland to find a new stadium site. It hasn’t been for a lack of trying.

Josh Nelson

It looked like the A’s were going to get the Peralta Community College site before that was nixed. Maybe they can get something built by the Howard Terminal but even the Raiders said no to that site. Latest I read the Mercury News was the A’s thinking about buying the Coliseum and Oracle Arena (Warriors are moving to SF), and build a new stadium there. Not sure where the A’s would play their games for that season or two, but there isn’t a perfect site solution.


Friend of mine who lives in Portland said they think they have a better chance of getting a existing team from another city rather than from expansion. One of the teams they think they can obtain is the Chicago White Sox.

Jim Margalus





Third-ed. A team whose founder not only co-founded the American League but also was the son of a Chicago alderman does not belong in Portland. That type of thinking occurs when a populace eats too much organic brown rice(full of arsenic) and not brats Italian sausage and hot dogs.. kosher and non kosher.