Sox Machine Podcast: SoxFest 2018 Recap

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  • Recap SoxFest with clips from General Manager, Rick Hahn, and Manager, Rick Renteria, about strategy heading into the 2018 season.
  • Hahn mentioned that the White Sox could be active next off-season. With the Milwaukee making two big moves acquiring Christian Yelich and signing Lorenzo Cain, could the White Sox be making similar moves for 2019?
  • Yu Darvish is rumored to be signing with a ballclub this week. Is he the domino that finally gets the top-tier free agents to sign?
  • Plus, your questions in P.O. Sox.


To listen, click play below:

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I just don’t see the whitesox shelling out for Manny. I would love it but I’ve also been a whitesox fan for going on 30 years and outside of Albert Belle, Jose Abreu, & Luis Robert we tend to not outspend big clubs. Cleveland didn’t want Belle, and Abreu had questions coming over. Robert while we were competing with clubs it wasn’t unlimited like Free agency.


Also, Manny wants to play SS. Hopefully Timmay does his job and makes spending an extra $350mil to replace him a waste of $.

Arenado 2020!!

Trooper Galactus

I’m actually of the opinion that if they fail to get Machado, they’d better get Arenado or hope Jake Burger turns into a wrecking machine.

Patrick Nolan

White Sox 4th on BA farm system rankings. Actually higher than last year.

Trooper Galactus

I would feel better about it were five of our seven top-100 guys not acquired via trade, and only one was drafted by the org.  However, the second tier, which is composed heavily of our draft picks, is much stronger and deeper than in the past.


Great podcast as always. Love soxfest recap and am so remiss on missing it this year. Thank you for such wonderful listening.


I was thinking about the radio thing particularly AM vs FM. If there were no blackout restrictions and they could actually broadcast the games, wouldn’t FM be a very accessible option on many phone apps that pick up FM? Unfortunately I guess that’s a pretty big if if not an impossible one because business. I’m not completely knowledgeable on it but I believe stuff like iHeart Radio and TuneIn and stuff can flawlessly pick up actual live FM radio and there’s even some way for phones to pick up FM.


I know about the app but was thinking more just online radio/actual radio. I always thought it was  like a distinction when you’re not actually getting the actual radio waves via online. Again I’m not completely familiar with the subject so it’d be great if someone who was could chime in because I have found it fascinating ever since I started seeing “radio” on the internet some years ago given all the years prior to that when I actually listened to radio on radio.


Prominent example would be WSCR’s website that has actual streaming of their live radio but whenever a sox game comes on, it’s playing something completely different than if you had an actual radio tuned to 670 which was something I encountered a lot back then. That’s probably controlled online distinction to blackout online listeners which I guess makes sense from a business perspective.


But if we’re talking now about smartphones that can actually pick up actual fm radio and not an online fm radio, then it’d be one in the same of tuning in your radio to whatever station and there shouldn’t be a distinction which would make blacking it out very challenging which is something they probably don’t want to do.


Basically from my, consumer and fan perspective, if I can go to my car and turn on 670/890/1000/fmwhateveritllbe and get the games there, why can’t I just do it on my phone? Why blackout? All the ads will still be intact so it’ll basically be the same. Am I mistaken?


FM antenna on your phone isn’t streaming, it’s just like having a Walkman or something like that. I don’t think it’s remotely concerning to MLB.

The latest from the Tribune has the Bulls negotiating with WSCR and the White Sox with WGN and WMVP