Sox Machine Live!: What’s wrong with Moncada?

The Rundown:

  • Yoan Moncada is having an ugly month hitting 14-for-91 with 39 strikeouts. We explore on what the issues are, and why Juan Soto and Gleyber Torres are having better seasons than Moncada.
  • Lucas Giolito had a rough second inning. What was the source of his struggles on Wednesday night?
  • Jose Abreu is heating up. Should opposing teams make a claim on him if available on the waiver wire?
  • Preview the Cleveland Indians series.

To listen, click play below:

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Josh Nelson

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As Cirensica

A bit disheartening conversation. My hope is that some players take their sweet time to develop, but what really worries me about Moncada’s K ratios is that this is no something new. He K’ed in the minors at a high clip as well.


Shock treatment:  time to bring up another Rondon, while Yoan goes down to focus on hitting exclusively as a lefty.


Was just browsing reddit…

Anyone want some extra depression with their morning coffee?


Well, shit. I guess were all used to it.


This rebuild could all be worth it if we could go to the postseason in back to back years for the first time in franchise history if not a world series win. Goddamn this is sad. Please give us sox fans a break already

As Cirensica

This is why is hard for me (a non-Chicagoan) to explain why from all the MLB teams, I had to pick the White Sox to be my fav team….

Lurker Laura

When our family went to London, we went to a Premiere League game. We didn’t want to do the obvious Chelsea or Arsenal, so we went to see the Queens Park Rangers. Decided we’d be big QPR fans! Of course, they were relegated the next season and haven’t been in the Premier League since. Seemed fitting to me, as a White Sox fan.