Podcast: White Sox Taking It Easy in Tampa


Intro: White Sox stuck in neutral since All-Star Break

4:00: When do the White Flag games end?

6:38: Do we agree on how TLR is handing out days off?

11:15: Cesar Hernandez’s struggles

18:38: In-game decision review: Craig Kimbrel being lifted vs. Rays

33:35: Toronto Blue Jays series preview

35:56: Will Carlos Rodon and Yasmani Grandal return for this series?

47:56: P.O. Sox

Kyle Nelson

So while I’m done with Keuchel as an option for the post-season roster, what do you think of starting up a 6 man rotation with Rodon coming back?

Mark Jontry

Where do you bat Moncada in the lineup upon Grandal’s return and otherwise healthy roster?

Brian Rans

Who do you predict the Sox will add to the 40 man roster and protect from the Rule 5 draft this upcoming off-season?

63:28: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon only version)

Noah Amstadter

Romy Gonzalez — overachieving minor leaguer or Sox second baseman of the future?


Do you think La Russa and his staff are gaining valuable experience with replay challenges, or will what we saw this week be an ominous sign of what we’ll get in October?

Mr Pub

Who would you pitch in a high leverage situation if you HAD to pick from Wright Jr., Ruiz, or Charlotte’s Matt Foster?

Andrew Segall

How do you think the Sox will manage the reduced expansion of September rosters? Hamilton and Grandal appear to be the natural choices for the two extra spots and that would mean no extra reliever or no chance for Adolfo to get some at-bats during his last option year. Will there be creative IL stints to rotate people in and out?

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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What about trying Keuchel out of the bullpen some in September? Barring injury (and maybe not even then), I don’t see any path to a playoff start for Keuchel. If he’s on the playoff roster, it’s as a reliever. Bullpen locks are Hendriks, Kimbrel, Bummer, Kopech, Crochet, and Tepera. And let’s just assume Marshall comes back healthy and is on the roster. That leaves 1 (?) spot for Lopez, Keuchel, Ruiz, Burr, or Foster.

Of that crew, I favor Lopez or Keuchel. Ruiz, Burr, or Foster shouldn’t sniff high leverage—or, frankly, even medium leverage—innings, whereas Lopez or Keuchel could possibly cover 3+ innings if needed. I suspect Lopez has the inside track, but I’d like to see Keuchel in the pen for a week or so just to get a look. It’d be nice to see him on the roster if for no other reason than his playoff experience.