Podcast: White Sox Starting Pitchers 2020 Season Preview

Josh and Jim start the 2020 Season Preview with a deep dive into the White Sox starting pitching staff. Looking at what worked for each starter in 2019 that they need to carry over in 2020, and what didn’t work that they need to improve upon. 

  • Lucas Giolito [19:21]
  • Dallas Keuchel [30:18]
  • Gio Gonzalez [43:41]
  • Reynaldo Lopez [52:20]
  • Dylan Cease [60:01]

Plus, thoughts about Mookie Betts being traded to the Dodgers, and how the Twins adding Kenta Maeda to their pitching staff impacts the AL Central. 

The questions we answered in P.O. Sox:


How does the Norge Vera signing affect the chances the Sox will sign Oscar Colas? If this requires trading for additional slot money, which teams do you see open to giving the Sox slots, and what price would they require?

mark sambor

Besides the promotion of Frank Menechino, the White Sox made wholesale changes to their AAA coaching staff.  Any specific insights or details as to what prompted the changes and opinions on the new staff members?

Doug Weerts

Is it my imagination or did the White Sox change their minor league philosophy big time this year?  Hopefully for the better at least for position players.

Patreon Extra Content:


If Carlos Rodon comes back and performs well, should it change the organization’s long-term outlook on him? Or do you think he may not even get the chance to perform?

Brett R. Bobysud

How do you see the catching situation at Charlotte playing out this season, given that Zack Collins, Seby Zavala, and Yermin Mercedes are all currently on the 40 man roster?  Does Mercedes get moved to DH?  Who gets the majority of reps behind the plate?

Ryan Neitz

If the Sox have a lead late in the game, would it make sense to get McCann extra at-bats by having him pinch hit for Mazara? Then, Engel can come in and run the bases for McCann and play defense in RF late in the game. Is McCann a better hitter than Mazara? How big of a drop-off is it offensively from Mazara to Engel?

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Gordon Beckham and Fernando Tatis, Jr. share much in common. Touted shortstop prospects for the White Sox who now belong to the San Diego Padres.

This transaction begs the question: Did the Sox give up on Beckham too soon?


I’ll be attending two of those games as well (Tue/Wed). I haven’t been to San Diego in 14 years, so this seems like a good opportunity to rectify that.


Cool. If it is Tuesday or Wednesday, you can definitely count me in.

Lurker Laura

Related to nothing, but Jim, what are you going to do about curling in Nashville? Start your own?

Jim Margalus

Looks like there’s an arena league of some sort, so I suppose I’ll start there and see what the climate is.