Podcast: The Superior Sox


Intro: Leury Garica maybe proving the non-crackpot theory right

4:45: Should Leury Garcia start at second base over Cesar Hernandez?

9:06: Tim Anderson returns

11:12: Who is the White Sox future leadoff hitter: Tim Anderson or Luis Robert?

27:38: Carlos Rodon and Lance Lynn return

35:19: Do we trust Craig Kimbrel?

47:44: Los Angeles Angels series preview

60:24: P.O. Sox

Mohammed Alsaadoon

Hey guys, Since Codi Heuer moved North, he’s dropped his ERA from 5.12 to 3.68 (His Cubs ERA is 0.90) considering how wobbly Ryan Tepera and Craig Kimbrel have been since coming to the South Side, how much of their struggles can be attributed to the White Sox organization and Ethan Katz’s decisions in regards to preparation, attack plans and game calling? The Sox bullpen has one of the highest K% in the league but Codi Heur’s K/9 cratered with the Cubs yet he has greatly improved his results. Maybe the Sox are emphasizing stuff to the determinant of everything else?


The Sox headed into the off-season needing RF and they still need one. If Engel can comeback who would he replace on the post season roster and would he start in RF?

Brett R. Bobysud

In the leadup to this past week’s Hall of Fame inductions, I noticed several players wearing t-shirts advocating for the induction of Curt Flood. I’m guessing this is because Marvin Miller was finally inducted (as he should’ve been long ago) and Flood is likely the most recognizable single player when it comes to the baseball labor movement. So my question is this: is Curt Flood worthy of enshrinement? His stats don’t seem to warrant it (his career fWAR is somewhere below 40 last time I checked), but is his historical significance enough to warrant induction?

76:45: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon only)


What’s Alec Hansen’s future?


A while back, it appeared that Tony LaRussa was really upset about some pitch selection to Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. At least, it appeared that way from some of the coverage. One kind of felt sorry for Zavala. It got me wondering — how much does the coaching staff call pitches? Are younger catchers like Zavala and Collins directed more from the dugout?

Chef Eric

Not sure if this has been discussed ever, but lately I feel like I’ve been a bad luck charm for the White Sox and it’s been making me superstitious for coming to home games. Do you have any personal superstitions when it comes to the Sox or baseball or maybe are you a little stitious?

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