Podcast: State of the White Sox pitching staff after Kansas City


Intro: How did Sunday go?

3:18: Should Jose Abreu be worried about his RBI title?

9:06: State of the White Sox Pitching Staff

24:55: What’s going on with Dallas Keuchel Part II?

31:34: Game Situation – Kimbrel used in 7th inning

35:33: Oakland A’s series preview

42:10: Current American League postseason picture

50:16: P.O. Sox

Andrew Segall

Should Kopech be sent down to Charlotte for two weeks to work in games that don’t matter and give Marshall a chance to see if he can be a part of the postseason?


With much of the rotation on the IL this week, will Dallas Keuchel be given as long a leash as possible to save the bullpen? Related, will Keuchel give up more than 10 runs in his next start?

Chef Eric

Is there anyone else noteworthy besides Keuchel that would not make the postseason roster?

62:21: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon-only content)


On the prospect side, what has become of Lincoln Henzman, Bryce Bush, and 2020 draftee Adisyn Coffey? I believe I saw Henzman and Bush are on the injured lists(though I’m not sure about the nature of their injuries) but I don’t have a clue as to the status of Coffey. Thanks!

Alex Schmidt

What are the odds of this initial playoff situation: Sox in the ALDS vs Houston. Interested in mathematical odds if possible, gut feeling as well.

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