Podcast: Buy the White Sox?

Record Date: 9/4/2022


  • Is it time to jump back on the White Sox bandwagon?
  • Dylan Cease’s one-hitter
  • First impression of Miguel Cairo
  • State of the AL Central
  • Seattle Mariners series preview
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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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I wonder how many pitchers have won a CY without being selected for the AS game? Anyone know of any examples?


Rick Sutcliffe 1984.

Right Size Wrong Shape

LaMarr Hoyt 1983


So being a stoic old school ballplayer prevents them from hitting HR’s and fielding the ball? What year did Ruth hit 60 HRs? How about just being professionals and earning their 7 and 8 figure salaries?


You spelled “bye” wrong.


Jim’s comment about how the Mariners’ Julio Rodríguez extension may make it harder for the White Sox to agree to extensions with their young potential stars underlines just how little business Jerry Reinsdorf has owning a major sports franchise in 2022.

Chicago is a bigger market than Seattle. Chicago is a bigger market than San Diego. Owners in those markets have not had difficulty agreeing to nine-figure extensions with young stars. The market is not the problem; the owner is the problem. My hope is if, say, Colson Montgomery or Erick Hernandez somehow becomes the next young MLB phemon, a better owner will make the decision to commit resources to securing that phenom’s future.


If the Sox had a young star like Rodriguez, Witt, Rutschman, Acuna or Tatis and they didn’t try and sign him long term I would agree with you. Unfortunately I don’t see anybody in their system at that level plus they don’t have a history of developing young talent.


This is also true (and another reason why Reinsdorf has no business running a team is his refusal to hire baseball operations leaders who are coveted around the league). But this organization also signed Tatís as an amateur. There is a chance that Paddy or Shirley could happen upon a generational talent in the near future. Shouldn’t a team in the third-largest market have an owner who can secure such a player’s services?


Bummer and Moncada activated