Podcast: Buy, Sell, or Hold

A recap of the weekend’s action as the White Sox looked really good on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were harsh reminders of the roster shortfalls.

As the team hovers around .500 mark, some Sox fans want the Front Office to make a push to add more talent through trades. Opposite of those fans are those who wish to have the team to sell again. Then there are those who want the team to be in a holding pattern to see how things look next week. We share where we stand today as the trade deadline is six weeks away.

Plus, Cubs vs. Sox preview, the MiLB Report, and your questions in P.O. Sox.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Should the sox act as a 27-42 team or as a team 2 games under 500? Seems to me their “luck” in terms of outperforming run differential and the fact they have played a weak schedule has massively clouded their judgement in terms of buy sell hold.


Considering what they gave up to get him, and the team control they still have, I think even the notoriously cheap Pirates would refrain from selling this low on Archer.


Love a team that was too scared to move prospects for Sale, then sell low on Cole only to then move those prospects for Archer who has been a disaster… mercy


Yeah, I doubt Huntington would deal Archer unless he gets a top-50 prospect and more. That Tampa deal may actually look worse after a couple more years as Baz develops.

I wonder if the Sox could get Brett Gardner or Aaron Hicks for next-to-nothing from the Yankees. The roster crunch in New York with Encarnacion, Judge, and Stanton means Frazier isn’t the only one they need to move. Hicks is an underperforming switch-hitter with a long contract, and Gardner bats lefty with an expiring contract.

By “next-to-nothing,” I mean Alcides Escobar or Ross Detwiler, not a DSL 17-year-old. Someone who would provide immediate roster relief to the Yankees, but no long-term potential.

lil jimmy

just take Gardner’s contact, done deal.

karkovice squad

Chris Archer isn’t a good fit for the Sox. Searage is basically analytics-friendly Coop in terms of philosophy. If his coaching staff couldn’t fix Archer, the Sox aren’t likely to have better results.

The Sox basically shouldn’t be looking for reclamation projects from Boston, Cleveland, Houston, LAD, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Tampa at all. Probably add CHC, NYY, Oakland, San Diego, and Seattle to that list, too.

Jim Margalus

There is a chance of it being James Shields all over again, which gives me pause. But reading that his sinker is getting blasted — Giolito’s problem last year — made me think that the up-in-the-zone approach could work. That’s the big knock on Searage, which Cooper doesn’t specifically share.

karkovice squad

Cooper does favor Sinker-Slider down in the zone. And see Nova, Ivan for the less-talented version.

Jim Margalus

It doesn’t seem to be doctrine the way it is in Pittsburgh, but yeah, if they picked him up to repair his sinker, no thanks. If they picked him up to ditch it, I’d be intrigued.

karkovice squad

Fair. Cooper leans more towards acquiring that profile than imposing it. His lack of opposition to change still leaves it largely on players to make the edits themselves.

McCann’s had better success this season working with guys who knew their strengths than guys who needed someone to give them a new approach. So unless Archer’s already got an inkling that Searage is handicapping him, he’s a better option for another team.


Clint Frazier was a great idea. If McCann and Colome + some $ gets it done, Rick should pull the trigger.
Rays could also use both those guys, but may not be willing to give up close to the majors talent.


I like Frazier quite a bit, and with his control going thru 2023 I think it could definitely make some sense. Think the yanks want starting pitching which the sox have none of though… could be a problem.


I preferred him to Rutherford when they were rumored for Drob a couple years ago and if I would have completed my offseason plan, I thought a Rodon for Frazier could have been intriguing.

Long story short, I like the fellow


Good point, knox. If Frazier is the biggest talent they’re willing to part with, it’d be for a starter.

lil jimmy

For the four games against the Yankees, the Sox drew 130,000.


Any chance of getting a buy/sell/hold poll on the site, for those of us who don’t Twit?

Jim Margalus


karkovice squad

They’ll probably hold like in 2015. They don’t have the assets to just buy for this season, they’ll want to wait and see if anyone behind Madrigal and Dunning can make themselves interesting, and they’ve got the cash to play in the offseason.

What they should do is try to pick on 1 of the below-average front offices to find a buy-low option with 1.5+ years of control left. Someone like Amed Rosario who’s a prime candidate for a change of scenery. His struggles are with offspeed and breaking stuff which seems like something Steverson’s figured out how to address.


Not the sexiest option but Mike Leake can probably be had for free.


Dylan Bundy, maybe?